Monday, April 20, 2009

Episode Seven: Public Service

Should have been posted last week. Lets just say life ain't been panning out lately. Argh.

Public service? Yeah, I'm stretching a bit. I'm working on the Masters thesis and am a bit brain fried. I've actually forgotten my PIN number three times this month, a number I've had for seven or so years! Public service refers to the public service announcements I scattered through the show, starting with the old Cold War era "Duck and Cover," as well as appearances by Alf, Clint Eastwood, Cookie Monster, and more. Listen here. As far as the tunes go, here's the rundown:

Mike Oldfield- "Hergest Ridge" Hell Preachers Inc- "Time Race" Writing on the Wall- "Bogeyman" Vampires Sound Incorporation- "Kon Kubination" Temple of Bon Matin- "Coloring Book" Ofege- "Gbe Mi Lo" Rolling Stones- "Too Much Blood"(dub version) Nik Turner- "Horus" This Heat- "Horizontal Hold" Sky Saxon and the Seeds- "Colorized Bottles" Loop- "Straight to your Heart" Wooden Shjips- "Aquarian Time" Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound- "Drunken Leaves" The Monks- "I Hate You" Velvet Underground- "Heroin" Roky Erickson- "Don't Shake Me Lucifer" Flower Travellin Band- "Satori II" Boris/Merzbow- "Walrus"

The gem of the week is the Rolling Stones "Too Much Blood," a song that appeared on Undercover back in 1983. This is the dub version of the song, and it is completely freaked out. It's a great jam from a hugely under rated album.


Color of Cordoba said...

I can't get the crazy tab to work that supplies me with your e-mail address so I thought I'd just comment here.
really, I just wanted to wish you guys well as you finish up there; since we all came in together I guess it woulda' been nice to finish together but, such is life, I suppose. Tell everybody I said congratulations at the next party you guys throw. I wish I could be around to recite more David Foster Wallace...god, it took me forever to remember his name. All I could think of was Willaim Jennings Bryan for some reason. Take care, man. -Jon

THRIPS said...

hey! do you put on shows in Arcata? i'm trying to set up a show with Thrips and wildildlife for mid/late september. any house shows spots or places other than the alibi?

Scott said...

Have you heard of Redwood Curtain Live Entertainment Services? It was a live entertainment company based in Arcata and Eureka in the early 1980s. The founder, Scott Riley, was a grdauate of HSU and produced many major concerts in the area from 1979 to 1984, booked a majority of the local bands, and was a co-owner of "Mojos", a popular all ages nightclub. Some of the acts we brought to the area included the Jerry Garcia Band, the Allman Brothers and Firefall.