Thursday, July 24, 2008

Joy Division @ Eindhoven

I was kind of bummed last autumn that Control, Anton Corbijn's Joy Division movie, didn't end up making its way to an Arcata area theater. Not that I was surprised- but I had bought into the hype surrounding the movie and would have preferred to see it on the big screen instead of waiting for the DVD. Well, maybe the novelty wore off. Or maybe I expected too much. It wasn't really the kind of film I was expecting. You can read why here.

In order to compensate for my slight disappointment, I dug up a Joy Division set from 1980 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The sound starts off kind of rough but is eventually worked out, making this one of the better JD boots out there. Check it out.

Click here!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Slackin'

I've been enjoying my time here in the Bay Area (as much as one can while broke) and slacking on the blog. My energies have been going into the class I'm teaching and a googlemap project I'm putting together that "reviews" Bay Area record shops. I'll have that up early next week. I'll also get back to some posting of live shows very soon.

Check out my buddy Ben. He's doing some online radio work on He's playing some old 80s hardcore and punk. His first show posted today. It rips. The cranky old punker is also writing for a Bay Area soccer website. Good stuff.