Saturday, August 30, 2008

True Norwegian Black Metal

If you don't already have a copy of Peter Beste's photodocumentary True Norwegian Black Metal, I have not a clue as to what you are waiting for. You can read my review here.

I'm also including a download of the controversial Gorgoroth album True Norwegian Black Metal - Live in Grieghallen. It's not a live concert recording, but a variety of "popular" Gorgoroth tracks recorded live in the studio in late 2007 and early 2008. It's controversial because both Gaahl and Infernus are sporting their own versions of Gorgoroth right now (as if we needed more than one), and the official release of this album is currently tied up in legal tangles. I think it's a worthwhile listen, for you get to hear Gaahl on some tracks originally performed by past vocalists, namely Hat and Pest. Read about the whole mess here.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Om on Sub Pop

I have a friend that gives me great music recommendations. He is reliable and consistent. Today he went above the call of duty. It is his gift that I share with you.

Sub Pop records just issued the first of their 7"s from their new (and sold out) mailorder subscription series. It's Om, complete with new drummer Emil Amos (of the Grails). Enjoy. Revel. Find me a vinyl copy, and I'm sure we can work something out.

Gebel Barkal

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Monday, August 18, 2008

This Guy Has The Record You're Looking For

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

If you have an extra 3 million you can send my way, let me know.
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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Earthless @ Roadburn Edit

Here's a different version of the Earthless show from Roadburn 2008. Actually, it's not so much a different version, as it is the one long 90 minute set split into two parts, about 57 and 34 minutes respectively. Apparently there are people out there still using compact discs, and the initial version is too long for them. If you need more info on the set, check it out here.

Click here! for the set in two parts
Click here! for the set as one

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Citay @ SXSW 2008 & Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound @ Roadburn 2008

I'm on a psych-rock roll, so let me take a moment to link up live sets from a couple of bands currently putting San Francisco on the map.

First up is a radio broadcast of Citay performing live at Spiro's in Austin, Texas as part of the annual SXSW music conference. The sound is a bit thin, but if you're a fan it shouldn't bother you too much. I believe it was a WFMU broadcast- March 14, 2008.

Next is an amazing Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound set recorded at Roadburn 2008. I'm not sure of all the song titles, so if you know or can figure them out, please share the info. Assemble Head themselves claim this to be the best show they ever played. Like most Roadburn recordings, this is top notch sound quality.

Citay- Click here!
Assemble Head- Click here!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Future is Unwritten Fest

Some local bearded longhairs have been planning and plotting behind the scenes recently and will be presenting The Future is Unwritten psych-rock music fest next month in Arcata and Eureka. The three day fest will most notably feature Mammatus and Nebula, both appearing in Humboldt for the first time, and will hopefully grow into a biannual event to be held during both the vernal and autumnal equinox of each year. If you're in the area, be sure to come out and support. Fest organizers have big plans in mind for the future and getting the fest off to a strong start would certainly make it possible for those plans to come to fruition.

Chapter One of this year’s festival will be written Friday, September 5 at Big Pete’s Pizzeria on G Street in Arcata with local psych-rockers Yer Dog and White Manna kicking off festivities with a special all ages performance. Those over 21 need not despair, for beer will still be served with proper identification. Pizza will be available to all. The door will be $5, with music starting shortly after 10pm.

Chapter Two of the festival will take place Saturday, September 6 at the Alibi in Arcata with Mammatus and Datura Blues. Mammatus hails from outside Santa Cruz, California and has created quite a buzz over the past couple of years with their fuzzed-out and somewhat demented live performances. Datura Blues, whose formative roots can be traced back to a cold and stormy night in Humboldt County, will open the show with their unique blend of psychedelic madness, one that incorporates elements of folk, punk, krautrock, and improvisational jams into the mix. Cover for this show will be $5. It is a 21+ event, with doors opening at 10:30pm and music starting shortly after 11pm.

Chapter Three brings the festival to Aunty Mo’s in Eureka on Sunday, September 7 and will feature Nebula and Totimoshi. Certainly Nebula needs no introduction to most readers, as they are pioneers of the psych/stoner boom of the last decade. The Bay Area’s Totimoshi is accompanying Nebula with their crushing brand of rock fury, and while it may be a stretch to say the power trio is psych-influenced, their latest release does find the band edging closer to some straight-up jams. Local hard rockers Machete round out the bill. The show is a 21+ affair and will be $8. Doors open at 9pm with bands beginning at 10pm.

I renewed an old link of a Mammatus show from 2007. You can read more about that post here.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saviours and Titan in Eureka

Saviours and Titan will be playing the Lil Red Lion in Eureka this Monday, August 11th. It seems kind of a last minute booking, so spread the word. I've never seen Titan, but that Tee Pee release is stellar. More info here.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tom Waits @ Atlanta

This is the NPR live broadcast recorded on July 5th of this year while Waits was on his Glitter and Doom tour. Simply amazing. This version is broken down into individual songs and clocks in at almost two and a half hours. The band is stellar, Waits is in top form, and the sound quality cannot be topped. Need I say more?

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Record Shops

For those of you that know me even in the slightest, you know I am a vinyl junkie. Well, this summer I somehow I found myself with time on my hands and a whisper in my ear that told me to create a Google map of record shops I frequent, or don't frequent, in the San Francisco and Humboldt Bay areas. Take it for what you think it's worth. I hesitate to call what I have done a guide, for it's more of a rambling narrative about my endless quest for vinyl. I hope that you will find it somewhat useful at most and mildly entertaining at least.

I didn't really have any criteria for this pseudo-project, except that I would be focusing on how decent a shop is based on their records. I considered price, quality, and service and tried to elaborate on points that I as a potential record buyer would like to hear. Please realize these commentaries are rooted in my experiences. It's okay if you disagree. I would actually encourage you to throw in some comments on this posting if you find yourself with different, or even the same, perspectives. So far I have 29 spots mapped and narrated, and I'll be adding more soon. If you know of additional shops I should include, let me know. If you have a similar map, I'll link you up. Cheers.

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Back to the Redwoods...

Summer tours are treating the Arcata/Eureka area well as of late, with Annihilation Time, Sour Vein, Harvey Milk (w/Joe Preston), Buffalo Killers, and Velnias (impressive black metal from Chicago) all playing here within the last week. Turnout for each of the shows was very respectable and is hopefully a sign of good things to come. If we're not going to have good restaurants up here, we might as well see good music.

Prepare for the soap box....

I don't think that many people realize that most shows are funded by the independent promoters presenting the shows and not the venues themselves. This, of course, means that when the door does not make enough money to pay the bands, the local promoter has to pay bands out of his or her own pocket. I only mention this because I saw people haggling the $5 admission charge to Buffalo Killers at Big Pete's and worked the Alibi door for the Velnias show, dealing with people grumbling about the $4 cover. Quite disconcerting, especially considering that bands like Saviours, Titan, and Wolves in the Throne Room all have upcoming open dates between tour stops where they could easily play Humboldt. If people aren't going to pay modest door prices, why would/should local promoters take a chance on shows like that? Would you? Sure, times are tough. I got money to throw at the local music scene though. Ahhh. Digression.

Anyways, the Arcata house show circuit is bubbling. The Green House, Yellow House, Fire House, and Das Gast House all have expanding schedules, most of which can be found on a new DIY online calendar that someone set up. Very cool.

Have you heard about The Future is Unwritten fest happening here in September? You will soon. Check back for more info.