Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Asunder/Corrupted @ KFJC

Here it is, folks. Asunder and Corrupted together as one, recorded live in KFJC studios in Los Altos, California on November 6, 2008. Actually, by the time they played it was 2:30 in the morning, so I guess that would make it the seventh. I'm in the middle of reading a stack of research papers my students wrote, so I have not given this a full undivided listen. It doesn't matter though; nothing I could possibly say here is going to sway your decision to download or not download. You'll find out for yourself.

I should point out that the file is huge, as the set went on for about 100 minutes, and I am not editing it at this time. I did fiddle with my EQ a little in order to get more high-end in the mix. When the semester ends I will perhaps tweak the file a bit. If you have suggestions, let me know.

Edit 12/02/08: I recently learned that Asunder and Corrupted have plans to ultimately release a fully mixed version of the KFJC broadcast, one whose quality will be much superior to this low bit rate recording. Thus, I will not be doing any additional edits or "mastering", as I have no interests of interfering with the rights of Asunder or Corrupted. Enjoy what is posted as long as it remains up. Support the bands when it is eventually released.

I won't (and will never) ask you for money, but I will tell you that KFJC is in the middle of a fundraising drive right now. A couple of bucks to the station would be a wonderful gesture of appreciation for bringing us these two bands.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Outlaw Order @ New Orleans

It seems like just a matter of a few years since I was running around the streets of Northampton, Massachusetts sporting my Eyehategod shirt, receiving sneering looks of disapproval and sideways glances from people passing me by. And when I actually think back and count the years (fifteen, for those of you wondering), I start to feel really old. I do, however, take some solace in the fact that the guys from Eyehategod are still kicking around, despite the fact that drugs, prison, and natural disasters have tried to take them out commission.

Outlaw Order, which is pretty much 4/5 Eyehategod, is one of the newer bands to rise from the incestuous NOLA scene. They put out a 7" back in 2003 and have their Dragging Down the Order full length about to drop any minute on Season of Mist. Think Eyehategod reaching more for the cocaine instead of the usual heroin, and you'll have an accurate picture of what to expect. I wonder if Eyehategod is embroiled in legal wranglings with Century Media or something and are using the Outlaw Order name to get around the situation. It wouldn't shock me. Century Media has a reputation of being pretty shitty at times. I'm thinking about the mess they caused for Jonah Jenkins and Only Living Witness back in the 90s.

Anyways, today's post is a recording of an Outlaw Order show from November 1, 2008 at The Howlin' Wolf in New Orleans. It's a quality boot with some great onstage banter and rambling going on through the set, so the entertainment value alone makes this a great download. It's not quite Paul Bearer commentary, but you'll get a kick. I grabbed this from the sludge swamp , so kudos to them.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nudity w/ White Manna in Eureka

Nudity killed it last time through, and I expect the same will happen this Wednesday. Their Nightfeeders 12" is still one of my favorite jams of the year, and I'll be curious to see if they continue with the kraut/space approach or have something else in store. White Manna is the local opener and has been more and more impressive with each passing show they play. It's a great combo. Get out and check it out. Wednesday November 19th @ Aunty Mo's in Eureka. 9pm/$5/21+

Friday, November 14, 2008

Asunder/Corrupted Collaboration

When Asunder and Corrupted played Eureka, there was some talk before the show that the next evening's radio set at KFJC would include some sort of combination of the two bands performing together. Unfortunately for those who tuned in at 8pm to see/hear the event, nothing ended up happening until well past midnight. Apparently the bands did join forces, and the Corrupted/Asunder collaboration will be rebroadcast on KFJC next Tuesday, November 18, 2008 from 5:30 until 7pm (that would be West Coast time, not that inferior Eastern time zone crap) on an extended version of the show "From the Vault." You can check it out online, or if you're in the Bay Area, you can tune into 89.7 FM.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Asunder @ KFJC?

Asunder hits Eureka tonight with Corrupted and Amber Asylum, and I'm certainly glad I don't have to teach at 8am tomorrow, as I expect my head to take quite a thumping. I'm linking this post to a download of the comp CD that accompanied last year's Oaken Throne zine. The comp includes tracks from bands like Coffins, Harvey Milk, Moss, Adorior, and many other of today's better black/death/thrash/doom acts. It also has an edited live version of Asunder's "A Famine" that was recorded live at KFJC. I'm looking for a copy of either the entire unedited track or the entire set performed that day at the radio station, so if anyone out there can help me out, it would be much appreciated.

Not only does this comp take me back to some of the glory days of 80s underground metal when band demos and label/zine comps ruled the land, Oaken Throne itself is a testament to the superiroty of DIY print publications over the Internet message boards and blog sites (like this) that are the current fashion in underground (and popular) music culture. Everything about the zine is quality, most notably the graphics and content. Makes me kind of embarrased to even attempt to engage in discussions about music in this forum. Oaken Throne #6 was slated for a summer '08 release, but I haven't seen anything yet. I'm not worried though. I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008


Let me get this straight. Sleep is going to get back together for two shows across the pond and leave us hanging as they play for a bunch of fucking brit hipsters at next year's ATP fest?


Yup. Read it here.

Humboldt Music History

If you're interested in reading up on some of Humboldt's underground music history or listening to hardcore, punk, and metal from the area, both from yesteryear and today, check out Mustard Relics. As a local newbie interested in this scene's 80s/90s history, I found it to be a great read. If anyone knows of similar sources, or knows where I can get a copy of the record pictured below, let me know.

The Day of Doom

The semester is kicking my ass, thus the lack of substantive posts recently. However, my world of academia will fall to the wayside this coming Wednesday.

Wednesday, November 5th Auntie Mo's
5th Street, Eureka, CA