Friday, October 24, 2008

New Mammatus

How much did Mammatus rule last week? Check the video. New song. I'll try to rip their new demo and get that up soon. Yeah, those are sunglasses with tiny spotlights. Props to Matt Jackson for the footage.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Wildildlife @ WFMU

I'll admit it. These guys were nowhere on my radar earlier this year. Now, however, they are a constant in my rotation of daily soundtracks. It's another live set recorded at WFMU, one of the ideal models of modern free-form radio in the United States. Imagine the state of contemporary music if more stations adopted a similar approach to the airwaves. I certainly wouldn't have to deal with that hyperactive gag reflex that occurs every time I pass and hear a commercial radio station.

While I am very appreciative of Wildildlife's studio efforts, I am absolutely enthralled with this live recording. It captures layers of sound and textures that go undetected and unexplored on their other works. They're definitely a band that thrives on the improvisational opportunities the live setting provides. So, at any rate, this download will serve you well as either a solid gateway to the band or as a supplement to your current Wildildlife library.

Props to the Sludge Swamp for the original post.

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Mammatus and Wildildlife in Humboldt

This Thursday, October 16th at Aunty Mo's in Eureka, Mammatus return to the area with Seattle's (via San Francisco) Wildildlife. Apparently, Mammatus had such a great experience playing last month's The Future is Unwritten Fest, both at the show and in their other local wanderings, that they made Humboldt a top priority for their current West Coast tour. Those in attendance at the Alibi in September will no doubt want to check Mammatus out again, epecially at a venue that has a full sound system.

Wildildlife are certainly not to be overlooked, as their brand of wierd psychedlic doom and sludge makes for perfect pairing on this bill. The band recently released Six and is about to present their Peas Feast 12" on Crucial Blast Records. The band is also floating around a live set they put to tape on WFMU, a recording I'll post as soon as I get this entry done.

Opening the show is Magnum. I have no idea what to expect, for the last time I heard of a band called Magnum it was these fools. However, I can tell you that the band is local and features members of the Judas Priest worshipping Sad Wings of Destiny. Hmmmm...


Melvins Box

I haven't been able to get myself to open my Melvins box set yet. It's just sitting next to me, shrink wrapped in its full glory. Every time I think that I'm ready to unveil its contents, my hand trembles with anticipation, and I pull it away.

So, until I am able to overcome this seemingly inane mental block, I'll be visiting this site and beholding its beauty via the digital divide.