Thursday, February 26, 2009

Episode Three: Globe Trotting

There were some problems with Itunes and the download of last week's episode. Hopefully things will go more smoothly. Streaming has not been a problem, so just go ahead with that if the downloads are acting up. This week's episode is all about psych music from around the world. There is a heavy emphasis on African and Turkish material, as that is where my interests have been lately. I push the definition of psych on this episode and include some songs that come off more ethnic. I'm sure you won't mind. Here's the playlist...

Fela Kuti (Nigeria)-"Let's Start" A-Cads (South Africa)-"Down the Road" African People (Africa)-"Stop Pushing" Orchestra Super Jheevs Des Poilletes (West Africa)-"Ye Nan Lon Nan" Ofeje (Nigeria)-"Adieu" Conjunto Night Stars (Mozambique)-"She Only Wants a Friend" Chrissy Zebby Tembo (Zambia)-"My Ancestors" Group Bombino (Niger)-"Tenere" 3 Urel (Turkey)-"Omur Biter Yol Bimez" Bunalim (Turkey) "Tas Ver Kopek Yok" Aybatti (Turkey)-"Fikret Kizliok" Erkin Koray (Turkey)-"Istemem" Dolana Dolana (Turkey)-"Mustafa Ozkent Ve" Selda (Turkey)-"Meydan Sizindir" Boris Manco (Turkey)-"Derule" The News (Lebanon)-"From the Moon" John Berberian (Armenia via NYC)-"The Oud and the Fuzz" Groupe El Azhar (Algeria)-"Mazal Nesker Mazal" Aguaturbia (Chile)-"Erotica" Os Mutantes (Brazil)-"A Minha Menina" Objectivo (Portugal)-"Gin Blues" Ernan Roch (Mexico)-"The Train" Arnaud Rodriguez (Brazil)-"Murituri" Illes (Hungary)-"Nem Erdekel Amit Mondsz" November (Sweden)-"Mount Everest" Råg I Ryggen (Sweden)-"Det Kan Val Inte Vara Farligt" Czerwone Gitary (Poland)-"Coda" Sinn Sisamouth (Cambodia)-"Maxy Maxy" Teddy Robin & the Playboys (Hong Kong)-"Magic Colours" Confusions (Japan)-"Voice from the Inner Soul" Samouth & Sothea (Cambodia)- "Have a Caramel"

Sound quality is getting better. We have filters on our transmitter that prevent volume boosts from going out over the air. Those filters don't do the same for the podcast, so there are a couple of song beginnings that will sound a bit loud. If you're looking for some distros that carry these and related titles, check out Aquarius, Weirdo, Forced Exposure, and Bomp. I've used all of these sites. Excellent service. Highly recommended!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Balls to the Wall, Man

Do Mickey Rourke a favor and dig deep into your metal archives and grab Accept's Balls to the Wall and crank it up some time today. He deserves one of them little statues.

Eastwood and Penn certainly delivered career defining performances.
Mickey Rourke was simply better than both.
His Kurt Cobain line was tops.
Nuff said.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Episode Two: Astral Travel

Thanks to everyone who downloaded last week's inaugural podcast and gave a listen. Hopefully I did enough to convince you to listen again. This week's theme is space. Feedback is highly valued. I included the playlist below:

Heldon-"Stand By" Sun Ra-"Rocket Number Nine" Cosmic Jokers-"Kinder des Alles" Nik Turner-"Space Station Announcement" Khan-"Stargazers" Tangerine Dream-"Sunrise in the Third System" Farflung-"Unborn Planet" Pet Genius-"Cosmic Erosion" Achim Reichel and the Machines-"Cosmic Vibration" Captain Beefhart-"Moonchild" Strawberry Alarm Clock-"Sitting on a Star" Pussy-"Comets" Hell Preachers Inc.-"Spy in Space" Astral Navigations-"Yesterday" Witch-"Space God" Zombi-"Cosmic Powers" Mel Powell-"Second Electric Setting" Hawkwind-"Space is Deep" Ozric Tentacles-"Fast Dots" Pink Floyd-"Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" Tweak Bird-"Space Ships" Gong-"Fohat Digs Holes in Space"

I had an clip of "Pigs in Space" ready to roll, but I never got to it. I'll get that in the mix in coming weeks. I'm really liking the new Zombi. Good stuff.

I'll also get some other posts going soon...stay tuned.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Psych Out! Podcast Debut

Well, here we go. I think I've figured it all out. Here's the podcast of this week's episode of Psych Out! The levels get funny here and there, but it's pirate radio. The equipment isn't exactly brand new. You'll hear some Cluster, Lobby Loyde, Third Ear Band, Acid Mothers Gong, Electric Prunes, Can, Guru Guru, The Alps, Food Brain, Spacemen 3, and a bunch more. There's also some vintage sound bites and commercials.

It's not a perfect show, but feedback would be appreciated nonetheless.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Psych Out! Moves to Tuesdays

If you're in the Arcata area, you may want to note that Psych Out! has moved from Thursdays to Tuesdays and will now be broadcasting from 10pm to midnight on 99.9 FM (Humboldt Free Radio Alliance). For those not in the listening area, if all goes well, there will be some podcast action happening soon.

It should also be noted that the station is now operating Tuesday through Sunday and has started a regular rotation of alternative news programs unavailable from KHSU or other local stations.

Support pirate radio!