Monday, April 20, 2009

Episode Seven: Public Service

Should have been posted last week. Lets just say life ain't been panning out lately. Argh.

Public service? Yeah, I'm stretching a bit. I'm working on the Masters thesis and am a bit brain fried. I've actually forgotten my PIN number three times this month, a number I've had for seven or so years! Public service refers to the public service announcements I scattered through the show, starting with the old Cold War era "Duck and Cover," as well as appearances by Alf, Clint Eastwood, Cookie Monster, and more. Listen here. As far as the tunes go, here's the rundown:

Mike Oldfield- "Hergest Ridge" Hell Preachers Inc- "Time Race" Writing on the Wall- "Bogeyman" Vampires Sound Incorporation- "Kon Kubination" Temple of Bon Matin- "Coloring Book" Ofege- "Gbe Mi Lo" Rolling Stones- "Too Much Blood"(dub version) Nik Turner- "Horus" This Heat- "Horizontal Hold" Sky Saxon and the Seeds- "Colorized Bottles" Loop- "Straight to your Heart" Wooden Shjips- "Aquarian Time" Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound- "Drunken Leaves" The Monks- "I Hate You" Velvet Underground- "Heroin" Roky Erickson- "Don't Shake Me Lucifer" Flower Travellin Band- "Satori II" Boris/Merzbow- "Walrus"

The gem of the week is the Rolling Stones "Too Much Blood," a song that appeared on Undercover back in 1983. This is the dub version of the song, and it is completely freaked out. It's a great jam from a hugely under rated album.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Episode Six: Avoiding the Kool-Aid

Apologies for missing a week. I had technical difficulties last Tuesday that led to the loss of my podcast file. Frustrating, to say the least.No worries though, I'm back on track this week. No theme this time around. The episode title refers to the ominous Jim Jones outtakes that lead into the equally disturbing Comus track kicking off the show. Here's the complete track listing:

Comus- "Drip Drip" Daniel Higgs- "Living in the Kingdom of Death" Fire on Fire- "Amnesia" Big Blood- "Wrinkles and Ribbons" Circulus- "Miri it is" Wooden Shjips- "Motorbike" Lobby Loyde- "Relgon Hall" Achim Reichel and the Machines- "Beautiful Babylon" Giant Brain- "Ausgestzt" Loop- "Mother Sky" The Deep- "Pink Ether" Fire- "Could you Understand Me" Edgar Broughton Band- "Death of an Electric Citizen" Zior- "Entrance of the Devil/The Chicago Spine" Endless Boogie- "Smokin' Figs in the Backyard" Pat Metheny- "Electric Counterpoint (Part 1)" Diagonal- "Semi Permeable Men-brain"

I'll be moving in a few weeks, so I'm not sure how many more shows I have left. No sense in dwelling on that- I have plenty of material to still get to. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Good News Bad News

The Good News:
Missing Link Records opened today! Well, sort of. They opened from noon to 6 in order to see how an actual business day would play out. The store looks great. The records were even better. Matt and Adam are still working out some kinks and getting more records and cds ready for the shelves. Word is they will be ready for the masses some time next week. Don't forget about their grand opening celebration next Friday!

The Bad News:
Last night's episode of Psych Out! will not be available via podcast. There was a technical mishap while saving the file, and the file was ultimately lost. Damn.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Little Veal Cutlet That Couldn't

It's not exactly music related, but it's close. Maybe I should attach a Vegan Reich or Raid download. Everyone is reviewing music for the North Coast Journal these days. I figured a book review would increase my chance of getting a couple more reviews in before summer. Makes a great gift.

The Little Veal Cutlet That Couldn't
By Ryan Forsythe and Cassie Hart

It seems to me being a vegetarian requires possession of a good sense of humor. The decision to stray from the meat-and-potato traditions of my family certainly exposed me to more than my fair share of ribbing and ridicule, and I don't think I would have handled those ordeals so well if I didn't go through them with a smile. Perhaps this explains how The Little Veal Cutlet that Couldn't so easily drew me in.

Written by Redwood Hostel manager Ryan Forsythe and poignantly illustrated by Cassie Hart, the book seems a children's tale in appearance, script and rhyme. However, parents and buyers beware, for as Forsythe himself notes, "it's a children's book that's decidedly not for children." In fact, the tragic tale of the sad fate of Betsy the cow and her son Jake (spoiler alert: both become dinner) deals with issues -- factory farming, exploitation and greed -- not easily digested by many parents or, for that matter, this country's population in general.

The strength of the book is found in its ironic treatment of morals and themes originally presented in Watty Piper's popular The Little Engine that Could. And in targeting this classic, Forsythe and Hart join fine company, as both Shel Silverstein and Lemony Snickett have alluded to the trials of Piper's tireless train. What distinguishes this effort is Forsythe's ability to stand the lauded tale completely on its head and do so with timely and urgent relevance. Whereas Little Engine's resounding mantra of "I-think-I-can-I-think-I-can" is indicative of the self-determination prescribed by the American Dream, little Jake's investment in the same belief ultimately leads to his unfortunate end and reflects the lived realities of a society mired in disillusion, corruption and shattered dreams.

For some the dark humor presented in the book will seem obnoxious and a bit self-indulgent. I would like to propose, however, that this humor has universal appeal and potentially serves as a point from which dialog around issues of vegetarianism and animal welfare can begin. Clearly, with only about 3 percent of citizens in this country embracing vegetarianism, the years of moral, ethical and (more recently) intellectual appeals have fallen short of proponents' utopian goals. Maybe it's humor, as morbid as it can sometimes appear, that provides a common ground for different sides to come together, not only to share a laugh but to also engage in productive conversations about environment, sustainability and fair business practices.

After all, if we are to put any stock in the vision of this country's new leadership, realizing and redefining the American Dream begins with thinking we can.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Episode Five: All Keyed Up

Whew. Finally back on track! Thanks to everyone who stuck with the HFRA during our relocation and thanks to everyone checking out the new episode. This week's theme is all about the keyboards: Hammonds, Moogs, pianos, synthesizers, and all the rest. Here's the lineup:

Salem Mass- "Witch Burning" Harmonia- "Watussi" Current 93- "The Nylon Lion Attacks as Kingdom" Heldon- "ICS Machinque" Black Mountain- "Evil Ways" Barney Wilen- "Dear Professor Leary" Atilla- "California Flash" The Ghost- "When You're Dead" The Monks- "Monk Time" Goblin- "Profondo Rosso" Tim Blake- "Midnight" Walter Carlos- "Switched on Bach" Zombi- "Spirit Warrior" Farflung- "R-Complex" Jane- "Daytime" Egg- "Fugue in D Minor" The Vertigo Swirl- "Welcome to my Carnival" John Cale & Terry Reilly- "Church of Anthrax" Les Maledictus Sound- "Radio Pirate Program"

I think it's a pretty good balance of both new and old material. Atilla features a young Billy Joel on fuzzed-out organ and is totally worth checking out. I'm seeking ideas for a new episode theme. Suggestions are welcome.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Photo Show

Hey all. If you're in the Humboldt area on Friday, April 10th, Sarah Spears and I will be presenting some of our photo work in Arcata at the grand opening celebration for Missing Link Records. Sarah has been showing her work for some years now, but this is my first attempt to show off some photos. In other words, I'm pretty nervous.

Your support for both the store and us would be greatly appreciated. It's all part of Arcata's monthly Arts! Alive event that features local artists and musicians presenting and performing in dozens of downtown businesses from 6-9PM.

Back on the Air!!!

The Humboldt Free Radio Alliance is back on the air! That's 99.9 FM in the Arcata, CA area. Thanks to a generous new landlord and lots of hard working pirates, regular programming is returning to normal. The afternoon newscasts will be down for a couple of more weeks as an Internet connection is still needed, but the Tuesday through Sunday shows are getting back in action immediately. Psych Out! podcasts will start again this coming Thursday.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Future is Unwritten Fest

Announcing this Spring’s The Future is Unwritten Lineup
Chapters 5, 6, and 7 to be held March 20, 21, and 22, 2009

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, CA – Along with the promises of spring also arrives the latest installment of The Future is Unwritten, Humboldt County’s quickly expanding psych-rock festival. Intended by the organizers to be held on the weekend of each seasonal equinox, the fest is heading into its third season of its inaugural year. Past installments of the festival, which have included acts such as Nebula, Mammatus, and White Manna, have been quite successful, allowing organizers to continue their endeavor and broaden their scope, both musically and geographically, of psychedelic and psychedelic-influenced artists.

The March schedule features bands familiar to the local scene, including Arcata’s The Little Still Not Big Enough and Nipplepotamus. And like last fall’s festival weekend, organizers looked up and down the West Coast to attract music and welcome Portland’s Plants, Seattle’s Wah Wah Exit Wound, Olympia’s Nudity, and Los Angeles’s Farflung to the fold. Also performing over the course of the weekend will be Germany’s Samsara Blues Experiment, the festival’s first international recruit.

Details of the shows are as follows:

Chapter Five of this year's festival will be written Friday, March 20 at Big Pete's Pizzeria on G Street in Arcata with local indie-psych-poppers The Little Still not Big Enough and the psych-folk sounds of Plants starting off the weekend with a special all ages performance. The Little Still not Big Enough has been impressing audiences of late and are said to be planning some “psych-fest surprises.” Plants, who are known “to explore delicate acid-folk terrain,” will certainly be bringing a welcome laid-back and dreamy atmosphere to an otherwise rocking festival. Organizers maintain that making live music accessible to listeners of all ages is important to the fest's continued success and to Humboldt's music scene in general. Big Pete's vested interest in providing live music for all of his patrons is appreciated. Those over 21 need not despair, for beer will still be served with proper identification. Pizza will be available to all. The door will be $5, with music starting shortly after 10pm.

Chapter Six
of the festival will take place Saturday, March 21 at the Alibi in Arcata with Nipplepotamus and Wah Wah Exit Wound. Nipplepotamus hails from right here in Arcata, and while their indie-punk sound may not necessarily reveal anything overtly psychedelic, their experimental side certainly does. The band’s live performance has received a great deal of local attention that is about to spring them out of Humboldt County. Wah Wah Exit Wound, whose wandering, trippy, psych-influenced prog will highlight the evening, are making a welcome return to Arcata and will certainly wish to channel the good vibes left behind from their previous performances. The group is on the verge of releasing a new album, one that may be ready in time for the show. Cover for this show will be $5. It is a 21+ event, with doors opening at 10:30pm and music starting shortly after 11pm.

Chapter Seven
brings the festival to Aunty Mo's in Eureka on Sunday, March 22 and will feature Samsara Blues Experiment, Nudity, and Farflung. Samsara Blues Experiment hail from Berlin, Germany and is the festival’s first international recruit. Initially contacted on a whim late last year by festival organizers, the band has found themselves set up with their first West Coast tour. Thanks to an aggressive free demo download Samsara offered through their MySpace page, the band is receiving some well-deserved international attention. Their stoned-out mystical jamming will certainly please psych fans of all types. Nudity are no strangers to the local scene, as they have recently passed through the area a number of times with their kraut-inspired psychedelia. Bass player Jon "Quitty" Quittner is familiar with the local music scene, as he was once a member of former Humboldt punkers Brents TV. Topping off the evening is Farflung, veterans of the United States space rock scene (if such a scene even exists). Farflung’s supersonic Hawkwind-like attack is clearly a sound ripe for the stage and makes this evening a must-see event. The band’s 2008 album A Wound in Eternity made several “best of” lists last year. The show is a 21+ affair and will be $7. Doors open at 9pm with bands beginning at 10pm.

Festival organizers intend to present one chapter of The Future is Unwritten again in June of 2009 and will set right to work on putting together a massive weekend of shows for October’s autumnal equinox. If you need more information about The Future is Unwritten, please contact You can also visit them here.

Humboldt Free Radio Alliance Off Air

The Humboldt Free Radio Alliance (99.9 FM in Arcata, California) is indefinitely off the air right now. There was a fire in the house in which the studio was located, leaving both the tenants and the station looking for new homes. The tenants, although emotionally turmoiled, are fine, as are station members present at the time of the blaze. The HFRA is working hard to find a new broadcast spot and hopes to be back on the air within a couple of weeks. If you feel that you can spare a few dollars to help the HFRA right its course, follow this link.

Thanks to all local supporters, as well as those who have been following the station via podcasts. Pirate radio will be back!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Episode Four: In Three or Less

This week's episode is made up of songs clocking in at three minutes or less, thus the episode title. Here's the playlist:

Chocolate Watchband- "Let's Talk About Girls"
The Monks- "Higgle-Dy Piggle-Dy"
Brothers Unlimited- "What We Need is Harmony"
Black Merda- "Cynthy Ruth (alt take)"
Sonics- "The Witch"
Dennis Coffey-"Big City Funk"
White Hills- "Coming for You"
Amon Duul II "Chewing Gum Telegram"
Pink Floyd- "See Emily Play"
Goblin- "Death Dies"
The Invaders- "Look a Py Py"
The Barbarians- "Are you a Boy or are you a Girl?"
MC5- "Kick out the Jams"
Nazz- "Open my Eyes"
The Shadows of Night- "Oh Yeah"
Comets on Fire- "Holy Teeth"
Wellwater Conspiracy- "Shel Talmy"
Chubby Checker- "Ballad of Jimi"
The Pretty Things- "Oh Baby Doll"
Captain Beefheart- "Abba Zabba"
Strawberry Alarm Clock- "Nightmare of Percussion"
The Leaves- "Hey Joe"
The Hombres- "Let it Out"
The Velvet Underground- "Sunday Morning"
The Electric Prunes- "Hideaway"
Randy California- "Walkin the Dog"
Fields- "Take you Home"
Sir Lord Baltimore- "Ain't got Hung on You"
Hawkwind- "Motorhead"
Fifty Foot Hose- "Red the Sign Post"
Socrates Drank the Conium- "Lovesick Kids Blues"
Thirteenth Floor Elevators- "You're Gonna Miss Me"
The Seeds- "Pushing too Hard"
The Gestures- "Run, Run, Run"
Comus- "In the Lost Queen's Eyes"
Charlie and Esdor- "Kan Du Hitta En Vag"

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Episode Three: Globe Trotting

There were some problems with Itunes and the download of last week's episode. Hopefully things will go more smoothly. Streaming has not been a problem, so just go ahead with that if the downloads are acting up. This week's episode is all about psych music from around the world. There is a heavy emphasis on African and Turkish material, as that is where my interests have been lately. I push the definition of psych on this episode and include some songs that come off more ethnic. I'm sure you won't mind. Here's the playlist...

Fela Kuti (Nigeria)-"Let's Start" A-Cads (South Africa)-"Down the Road" African People (Africa)-"Stop Pushing" Orchestra Super Jheevs Des Poilletes (West Africa)-"Ye Nan Lon Nan" Ofeje (Nigeria)-"Adieu" Conjunto Night Stars (Mozambique)-"She Only Wants a Friend" Chrissy Zebby Tembo (Zambia)-"My Ancestors" Group Bombino (Niger)-"Tenere" 3 Urel (Turkey)-"Omur Biter Yol Bimez" Bunalim (Turkey) "Tas Ver Kopek Yok" Aybatti (Turkey)-"Fikret Kizliok" Erkin Koray (Turkey)-"Istemem" Dolana Dolana (Turkey)-"Mustafa Ozkent Ve" Selda (Turkey)-"Meydan Sizindir" Boris Manco (Turkey)-"Derule" The News (Lebanon)-"From the Moon" John Berberian (Armenia via NYC)-"The Oud and the Fuzz" Groupe El Azhar (Algeria)-"Mazal Nesker Mazal" Aguaturbia (Chile)-"Erotica" Os Mutantes (Brazil)-"A Minha Menina" Objectivo (Portugal)-"Gin Blues" Ernan Roch (Mexico)-"The Train" Arnaud Rodriguez (Brazil)-"Murituri" Illes (Hungary)-"Nem Erdekel Amit Mondsz" November (Sweden)-"Mount Everest" Råg I Ryggen (Sweden)-"Det Kan Val Inte Vara Farligt" Czerwone Gitary (Poland)-"Coda" Sinn Sisamouth (Cambodia)-"Maxy Maxy" Teddy Robin & the Playboys (Hong Kong)-"Magic Colours" Confusions (Japan)-"Voice from the Inner Soul" Samouth & Sothea (Cambodia)- "Have a Caramel"

Sound quality is getting better. We have filters on our transmitter that prevent volume boosts from going out over the air. Those filters don't do the same for the podcast, so there are a couple of song beginnings that will sound a bit loud. If you're looking for some distros that carry these and related titles, check out Aquarius, Weirdo, Forced Exposure, and Bomp. I've used all of these sites. Excellent service. Highly recommended!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Balls to the Wall, Man

Do Mickey Rourke a favor and dig deep into your metal archives and grab Accept's Balls to the Wall and crank it up some time today. He deserves one of them little statues.

Eastwood and Penn certainly delivered career defining performances.
Mickey Rourke was simply better than both.
His Kurt Cobain line was tops.
Nuff said.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Episode Two: Astral Travel

Thanks to everyone who downloaded last week's inaugural podcast and gave a listen. Hopefully I did enough to convince you to listen again. This week's theme is space. Feedback is highly valued. I included the playlist below:

Heldon-"Stand By" Sun Ra-"Rocket Number Nine" Cosmic Jokers-"Kinder des Alles" Nik Turner-"Space Station Announcement" Khan-"Stargazers" Tangerine Dream-"Sunrise in the Third System" Farflung-"Unborn Planet" Pet Genius-"Cosmic Erosion" Achim Reichel and the Machines-"Cosmic Vibration" Captain Beefhart-"Moonchild" Strawberry Alarm Clock-"Sitting on a Star" Pussy-"Comets" Hell Preachers Inc.-"Spy in Space" Astral Navigations-"Yesterday" Witch-"Space God" Zombi-"Cosmic Powers" Mel Powell-"Second Electric Setting" Hawkwind-"Space is Deep" Ozric Tentacles-"Fast Dots" Pink Floyd-"Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" Tweak Bird-"Space Ships" Gong-"Fohat Digs Holes in Space"

I had an clip of "Pigs in Space" ready to roll, but I never got to it. I'll get that in the mix in coming weeks. I'm really liking the new Zombi. Good stuff.

I'll also get some other posts going soon...stay tuned.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Psych Out! Podcast Debut

Well, here we go. I think I've figured it all out. Here's the podcast of this week's episode of Psych Out! The levels get funny here and there, but it's pirate radio. The equipment isn't exactly brand new. You'll hear some Cluster, Lobby Loyde, Third Ear Band, Acid Mothers Gong, Electric Prunes, Can, Guru Guru, The Alps, Food Brain, Spacemen 3, and a bunch more. There's also some vintage sound bites and commercials.

It's not a perfect show, but feedback would be appreciated nonetheless.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Psych Out! Moves to Tuesdays

If you're in the Arcata area, you may want to note that Psych Out! has moved from Thursdays to Tuesdays and will now be broadcasting from 10pm to midnight on 99.9 FM (Humboldt Free Radio Alliance). For those not in the listening area, if all goes well, there will be some podcast action happening soon.

It should also be noted that the station is now operating Tuesday through Sunday and has started a regular rotation of alternative news programs unavailable from KHSU or other local stations.

Support pirate radio!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chokehold @ New Bedford

Posting live sets from punk and hardcore bands is a bit problematic. After all, the combination of shitty venues, bad equipment, and general stage mayhem isn't really conducive to creating an enjoyable audio listening experience. It's all about the participation and visual experience. That's why the scenesters post up around the stage with their videocameras.

Chokehold is interesting to think about, for while they were my favorite band of the mid 90s sXe era (or was it Unbroken?), I'm not sure their sound has survived the test of time. Ugh. The guitar sound. What were they thinking? Go ahead. Break open those boxes of 7"s from your '92-'96 collection. Take a good listen. What were we all thinking?

Nonetheless, I'm posting Chokehold's final show. March of 1996 from the New Bedford Hardcore Fest (for the geographically impaired, that's in Massachusetts). The sound of this is actually really good. Dare I say better than most of their studio stuff? It's not a stretch. They were always plagued with poor sounding recordings. If you don't know anything about the band, go here. And know this, "Burning Bridges" is what inspired me to become a teacher. And my last stage dive was at a Chokehold show in Albany, NY- just a couple of months before this closing chapter of hardcore lore.

Click here!


Come on out and support local art and music! I'm assuming it's an all ages affair, a slight miracle for Humboldt County. Perhaps this gallery will be doing more music?

Hunter Plaid Gallery
550 South G Street
Arcata, CA


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Electric Wizard - The Processean

If it's one band I count on for relative consistency, it's Electric Wizard. Sure, they've had a couple of wobbly moments (Let us Prey?), but for the most part I've been able to hang in there with all of their efforts. And to tell you the truth, I've found myself spinning Let us Prey more often in recent months- so I may be ultimately changing my view on that album. Anyways, the band played last month at Rise Above's 2oth anniversary show in London. To commemorate the event a one song single sided 12" titled The Processean was made available. And yeah, of course, it was limited to 500 copies. No one has posted a direct vinyl rip as of yet, but a radio stream has surfaced on a few blogs, and that's what I've posted here.

There have been a number of negative criticisms of the track, as it's more of a rolling thundering ambient drone than a traditionally structured Electric Wizard song. And while it's disappointing to only get ten minutes of sonic meandering, it at least suggests that we may get a follow up to Witchcult Today relatively soon (for Electric Wizard, at least). I'm sure that this track when placed in proper context will stand much stronger than it does now in isolation. At least I hope so, for consistency's sake.

I've packaged the file with "The House on the Borderland" from the Reverend Bizarre split in case anyone needs it.

Click here!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


This is terrible. Dare I say worse than dealing with those who ironically listen to metal? Click the picture and you decide.

Remember some years ago when hardline activists tried to firebomb Deicide while the band was touring Europe? If you're in Oakland tonight or San Francisco tomorrow night, do me a favor...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hawkwind 7" Trilogy

This past November Trensmat released a three record set of Hawkwind covers performed by Acid Mothers Temple and the Cosmic Inferno, White Hills, Kinski, Bardo Pond, Mugstar, and Mudhoney. If you dig dilligently through the 7"s at Amoeba or do some careful interweb searching, you may be able to find some copies, for as you have certainly already surmised, the pressing is somewhat limited and in some demand.

I can't say too much about the tracks. They're admirably performed, and I don't think Hawkwind fans will think any injustice has been served. Just imagine what each band sounds like and then imagine them playing Hawkwind tunes, and you'll pretty much get the picture. Bardo Pond is most impressive with their version of "Lord of Light." My biggest gripe with the collection is that it is pressed on some low quality thin vinyl. Hopefully these songs will become otherwise available.

Perhaps the recent wave of Hawkwind interest will lead to some US appearances?

Acid Mothers Temple- "Brainstorm"
White Hills- "Be Yourself"
Bardo Pond- "Lords of Light"
Kinski- "Masters of the Universe"
Mudhoney- "Urban Guerilla"
Mugstar- "Born to Go"

Edit: Per (kind) request of Transmat I have pulled this download. They assure me the records can still be found in various shops. I certainly have no interests in stepping on the toes of an indie label. If you have questions, email me.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Om @ Knitting Factory

Last year I posted an Om set dated March 19, 2005 that was recorded at the Knitting Factory. The file expired, and I lost a hard drive in the meantime, leaving me without a copy to repost, as a few people have requested. If any one has a copy or link, please let me know.

In the meantime, here is another Om set from the Knitting Factory from April 29, 2006. Enjoy.

Click here!

Wooden Shjips - Vampire Blues

I got lots of new toys during the holiday season, one of them being the iMic I bought for myself. My first recording attempt has been the recent Wooden Shjips Vampire Blues 7" that briefly appeared in November (limited to 500?) on Sick Thirst. "Vampire Blues" is a Neil Young cover (that was also part of their recent ATP set). The other is an original titled "I Hear the Vibrations." If you have any issues opening/converting the files, let me know.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Brightblack Morning Light and Daniel Higgs in Arcata

Back in town just in time for this: Brightblack Morning Light and Daniel Higgs. Very excited. Brightblack came through a couple of months ago, but I missed them and have been kicking myself since. I'm hoping for some whacked out jams from Higgs and his banjo. Should be an interesting night. Think I'll pass on the band's request to bring crystals to the show. Hippies.

Monday January 12, 2009 @ Humboldt Brews in Arcata 21+/10pm

Check out Mr. Interdimensional Song-Seamstress and Corpse-Dancer of the Mystic Crags himself:

Friday, January 2, 2009

Ancestors and Night Horse @ Aunty Mo's

If this show is any indication, I would say live music in Humboldt County is looking pretty good in 2009. Ancestors crush. Think Sleep and Neurosis. Night Horse rocks. Think Sir Lord Baltimore and ZZ Top. Both bands have new stuff out on Tee Pee. thirtythreeandathird opens. I'm bummed not to be there, but New Years in the desert is also a good time.

New Year!

Ahhh. Finally, a moment to relax and get some posts going again. I've got lots of promises to keep and reposts to get done in this new year. I have a pile of live stuff to listen to and upload. Records to buy. Counterfeit bills to print. And a little thing called a thesis to contemplate and write. Such is life.

If you're curious as to what made my ten most significant releases of 2008, check out the North Coast Journal. If you're not interested, I can relate. After all, who the hell am I?