Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Asunder/Corrupted @ KFJC

Here it is, folks. Asunder and Corrupted together as one, recorded live in KFJC studios in Los Altos, California on November 6, 2008. Actually, by the time they played it was 2:30 in the morning, so I guess that would make it the seventh. I'm in the middle of reading a stack of research papers my students wrote, so I have not given this a full undivided listen. It doesn't matter though; nothing I could possibly say here is going to sway your decision to download or not download. You'll find out for yourself.

I should point out that the file is huge, as the set went on for about 100 minutes, and I am not editing it at this time. I did fiddle with my EQ a little in order to get more high-end in the mix. When the semester ends I will perhaps tweak the file a bit. If you have suggestions, let me know.

Edit 12/02/08: I recently learned that Asunder and Corrupted have plans to ultimately release a fully mixed version of the KFJC broadcast, one whose quality will be much superior to this low bit rate recording. Thus, I will not be doing any additional edits or "mastering", as I have no interests of interfering with the rights of Asunder or Corrupted. Enjoy what is posted as long as it remains up. Support the bands when it is eventually released.

I won't (and will never) ask you for money, but I will tell you that KFJC is in the middle of a fundraising drive right now. A couple of bucks to the station would be a wonderful gesture of appreciation for bringing us these two bands.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Outlaw Order @ New Orleans

It seems like just a matter of a few years since I was running around the streets of Northampton, Massachusetts sporting my Eyehategod shirt, receiving sneering looks of disapproval and sideways glances from people passing me by. And when I actually think back and count the years (fifteen, for those of you wondering), I start to feel really old. I do, however, take some solace in the fact that the guys from Eyehategod are still kicking around, despite the fact that drugs, prison, and natural disasters have tried to take them out commission.

Outlaw Order, which is pretty much 4/5 Eyehategod, is one of the newer bands to rise from the incestuous NOLA scene. They put out a 7" back in 2003 and have their Dragging Down the Order full length about to drop any minute on Season of Mist. Think Eyehategod reaching more for the cocaine instead of the usual heroin, and you'll have an accurate picture of what to expect. I wonder if Eyehategod is embroiled in legal wranglings with Century Media or something and are using the Outlaw Order name to get around the situation. It wouldn't shock me. Century Media has a reputation of being pretty shitty at times. I'm thinking about the mess they caused for Jonah Jenkins and Only Living Witness back in the 90s.

Anyways, today's post is a recording of an Outlaw Order show from November 1, 2008 at The Howlin' Wolf in New Orleans. It's a quality boot with some great onstage banter and rambling going on through the set, so the entertainment value alone makes this a great download. It's not quite Paul Bearer commentary, but you'll get a kick. I grabbed this from the sludge swamp , so kudos to them.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nudity w/ White Manna in Eureka

Nudity killed it last time through, and I expect the same will happen this Wednesday. Their Nightfeeders 12" is still one of my favorite jams of the year, and I'll be curious to see if they continue with the kraut/space approach or have something else in store. White Manna is the local opener and has been more and more impressive with each passing show they play. It's a great combo. Get out and check it out. Wednesday November 19th @ Aunty Mo's in Eureka. 9pm/$5/21+

Friday, November 14, 2008

Asunder/Corrupted Collaboration

When Asunder and Corrupted played Eureka, there was some talk before the show that the next evening's radio set at KFJC would include some sort of combination of the two bands performing together. Unfortunately for those who tuned in at 8pm to see/hear the event, nothing ended up happening until well past midnight. Apparently the bands did join forces, and the Corrupted/Asunder collaboration will be rebroadcast on KFJC next Tuesday, November 18, 2008 from 5:30 until 7pm (that would be West Coast time, not that inferior Eastern time zone crap) on an extended version of the show "From the Vault." You can check it out online, or if you're in the Bay Area, you can tune into 89.7 FM.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Asunder @ KFJC?

Asunder hits Eureka tonight with Corrupted and Amber Asylum, and I'm certainly glad I don't have to teach at 8am tomorrow, as I expect my head to take quite a thumping. I'm linking this post to a download of the comp CD that accompanied last year's Oaken Throne zine. The comp includes tracks from bands like Coffins, Harvey Milk, Moss, Adorior, and many other of today's better black/death/thrash/doom acts. It also has an edited live version of Asunder's "A Famine" that was recorded live at KFJC. I'm looking for a copy of either the entire unedited track or the entire set performed that day at the radio station, so if anyone out there can help me out, it would be much appreciated.

Not only does this comp take me back to some of the glory days of 80s underground metal when band demos and label/zine comps ruled the land, Oaken Throne itself is a testament to the superiroty of DIY print publications over the Internet message boards and blog sites (like this) that are the current fashion in underground (and popular) music culture. Everything about the zine is quality, most notably the graphics and content. Makes me kind of embarrased to even attempt to engage in discussions about music in this forum. Oaken Throne #6 was slated for a summer '08 release, but I haven't seen anything yet. I'm not worried though. I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008


Let me get this straight. Sleep is going to get back together for two shows across the pond and leave us hanging as they play for a bunch of fucking brit hipsters at next year's ATP fest?


Yup. Read it here.

Humboldt Music History

If you're interested in reading up on some of Humboldt's underground music history or listening to hardcore, punk, and metal from the area, both from yesteryear and today, check out Mustard Relics. As a local newbie interested in this scene's 80s/90s history, I found it to be a great read. If anyone knows of similar sources, or knows where I can get a copy of the record pictured below, let me know.

The Day of Doom

The semester is kicking my ass, thus the lack of substantive posts recently. However, my world of academia will fall to the wayside this coming Wednesday.

Wednesday, November 5th Auntie Mo's
5th Street, Eureka, CA

Friday, October 24, 2008

New Mammatus

How much did Mammatus rule last week? Check the video. New song. I'll try to rip their new demo and get that up soon. Yeah, those are sunglasses with tiny spotlights. Props to Matt Jackson for the footage.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Wildildlife @ WFMU

I'll admit it. These guys were nowhere on my radar earlier this year. Now, however, they are a constant in my rotation of daily soundtracks. It's another live set recorded at WFMU, one of the ideal models of modern free-form radio in the United States. Imagine the state of contemporary music if more stations adopted a similar approach to the airwaves. I certainly wouldn't have to deal with that hyperactive gag reflex that occurs every time I pass and hear a commercial radio station.

While I am very appreciative of Wildildlife's studio efforts, I am absolutely enthralled with this live recording. It captures layers of sound and textures that go undetected and unexplored on their other works. They're definitely a band that thrives on the improvisational opportunities the live setting provides. So, at any rate, this download will serve you well as either a solid gateway to the band or as a supplement to your current Wildildlife library.

Props to the Sludge Swamp for the original post.

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Mammatus and Wildildlife in Humboldt

This Thursday, October 16th at Aunty Mo's in Eureka, Mammatus return to the area with Seattle's (via San Francisco) Wildildlife. Apparently, Mammatus had such a great experience playing last month's The Future is Unwritten Fest, both at the show and in their other local wanderings, that they made Humboldt a top priority for their current West Coast tour. Those in attendance at the Alibi in September will no doubt want to check Mammatus out again, epecially at a venue that has a full sound system.

Wildildlife are certainly not to be overlooked, as their brand of wierd psychedlic doom and sludge makes for perfect pairing on this bill. The band recently released Six and is about to present their Peas Feast 12" on Crucial Blast Records. The band is also floating around a live set they put to tape on WFMU, a recording I'll post as soon as I get this entry done.

Opening the show is Magnum. I have no idea what to expect, for the last time I heard of a band called Magnum it was these fools. However, I can tell you that the band is local and features members of the Judas Priest worshipping Sad Wings of Destiny. Hmmmm...


Melvins Box

I haven't been able to get myself to open my Melvins box set yet. It's just sitting next to me, shrink wrapped in its full glory. Every time I think that I'm ready to unveil its contents, my hand trembles with anticipation, and I pull it away.

So, until I am able to overcome this seemingly inane mental block, I'll be visiting this site and beholding its beauty via the digital divide.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Om @ ATP 2008

It certainly did not take long for Al Cisneros to pull things together with new skinman Emil Amos. In a matter of a few short months the two have managed to record a 7" for Sub Pop, prepare new material, and play a smattering of shows both at home and abroad. Amos, much to my relief and contrary to my initial skepticism, has filled Chris Hakius's shoes very well and has established himself as a legitimate addition and not a mere replacement. When I initially posted my thoughts about the departure of Hakius, I think I subconsciously wanted to be proven wrong. I'm glad I was.

This set is another WFMU broadcast from last weekend's All Tomorrow's Parties event in New York. The sound on this recording starts off a bit shaky but evens out within the first few minutes. It's certainly of better quality than the disappointing Live at Jerusalem LP Southern Lord offers up at 20 steep dollars (since when is 3100 copies on an indie label considered "limited" anyways?) and serves as a temporary fix as we await the duo's next non-exclusive (aka eBay only) release.

Yikes. Two zingers in one post. I think I need more sleep. Pun intended.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wooden Shjips @ ATP 2008

It's been about a year and a half since I've seen these guys live, so I have been fervently searching online for a live set to subdue my cravings to see them again. I already had a recording from a Cafe DuNord show, but the incessant chatter of San Francisco hipsters throughout the entire set ruins the listening experience.

What I'm offering up today just came to me from a dear friend who has been of great assistance as I try to recreate my recently lost digital music collection. It's Wooden Shjips live at the All Tomorrow's Parties event that took place this past weekend in Monticello, New York. The recording comes from the WFMU broadcast of the show and clocks in at about thirty five minutes. The sound quality is a bit more muddy than I would like, but it is much better than any other live Shjip options I've heard. I do think it's well worth the finger click and download.

If there is interest in the DuNord set, I'll post that also. If anyone out there knows of a Wooden Shjips @ Roadburn recording from last month, please let me know. I desire more Shjips.

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Barack Brains

The lesser of two evils? The right choice? Bringer of change? I have no idea. I do know that Palin scares the shit out of me. Click here to boost your punk points and send some of your hard acquired dollars to both Obama and a respectable local business. If you're not in the Bay Area, contact Slash, and I'm sure they'll hook up some mailorder action.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Richard Wright 1943-2008

Can't say I saw this one coming. Truly a musician that deserves much more credit for Pink Floyd's legacy than he received. Posts are going up left and right with links to various shows and rarities in Wright's memory. Wembley 1974 is mine.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

KHSU Disappoints

This morning I started down to the KHSU music sale with little expectation of finding any serious gems. After all, I know that their vinyl collection has been picked through extensively by station members and at music sales in recent years. I had also seen the condition of their records. For the most part they are beat up, rubber stamped, magic markered, and somewhat abused. One can find good records, but they aren't going to exactly add much value to a vinyl junkie's collection. It's an exercise in record flipping for the love of the genre, for the sake of discovering some new sounds, and for the opportunity to offer some dollars to an organization I feel (felt?) deserves support.

Surprisingly, it didn't take long for my piles of potential purchases to start adding up. I had my eyes on a bunch of cds and gathered up an impressive stack of albums. It was while checking out the seven inch records in back that a few of us peeped our wallets and cast inquiring glances at our horde of goodies. We all wondered how much the seven inches were, so I volunteered to inquire on the price and see if discounts were possible for those with large purchases. Long story short, I was sternly rebuffed in my efforts to make any sort of deal. I was told that the prices were fixed and there were no exceptions.


At what kind of sale like this does a stack of 35 records not deserve some sort of price break? Even the most hard nosed of sellers at record shows are willing to haggle and bend their asking prices. It's not always easy, but it is done. It's not like the station was offering mint condition collectibles. I wouldn't even grade this stuff VG+. Last month's charity rummage sale in Arcata offered better for less. Granted, the prices being asked by the KHSU (dis)organizers were low. I cannot argue that. I just can't find any logic in the refusal to accommodate a buyer who is committed to dropping a fair amount of dough for the benefit of a public radio station.

So, after spurning my request to deal, I whittled my potential purchase of lps, cds, and seven inch records from 100 or so dollars down to 15. Who loses? Certainly not me, for I have no regrets about anything I left behind. KHSU certainly loses, for these people are a reflection of their organization. They also don't have my money and lost a significant amount of my respect and ultimately, my support. That can't be good for an organization already dealing with recent chaos and upheaval. And don't think I did not report my dealings to others in the room who then immediately reconsidered and adjusted their own purchase plans. I assure you I was not the only unhappy camper that left with less money spent than intended.

Perhaps my tale of complaint is justified. Perhaps it is adolescent. You get to decide. In my mind, music sales like this are always a good idea, especially for something as vital as public radio. I'm sure a respectable amount of cash was raised for the station, but shame on the "organizers" of this event for failing to take advantage of the opportunity to raise even more.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Nebula @ The Future is Unwritten Festival

The Future is Unwritten fest is in full swing! Both nights have been amazing, and I can't thank people enough for supporting our nascent effort. We had press coverage from Bob Doran at the North Coast Journal, Melody Stone at the Eureka Reporter, and on the air at KHSU with Julie Ryan.

Unfortunately for me my laptop fizzled earlier this week, and I haven't been able to do as much on the blog as I initially planned. As soon as I get my computer back (hopefully with all data intact), I'll do my best to compensate.

Tonight is Chapter 3 of the fest with Nebula, Totimoshi, and Machete playing at Aunty Mo's in Eureka. If you need a reason to go to the show or are curious about Nebula's Heavy Psych ep, click here. Hope to see you out there. Doors at 9. Music at 10 sharp.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

True Norwegian Black Metal

If you don't already have a copy of Peter Beste's photodocumentary True Norwegian Black Metal, I have not a clue as to what you are waiting for. You can read my review here.

I'm also including a download of the controversial Gorgoroth album True Norwegian Black Metal - Live in Grieghallen. It's not a live concert recording, but a variety of "popular" Gorgoroth tracks recorded live in the studio in late 2007 and early 2008. It's controversial because both Gaahl and Infernus are sporting their own versions of Gorgoroth right now (as if we needed more than one), and the official release of this album is currently tied up in legal tangles. I think it's a worthwhile listen, for you get to hear Gaahl on some tracks originally performed by past vocalists, namely Hat and Pest. Read about the whole mess here.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Om on Sub Pop

I have a friend that gives me great music recommendations. He is reliable and consistent. Today he went above the call of duty. It is his gift that I share with you.

Sub Pop records just issued the first of their 7"s from their new (and sold out) mailorder subscription series. It's Om, complete with new drummer Emil Amos (of the Grails). Enjoy. Revel. Find me a vinyl copy, and I'm sure we can work something out.

Gebel Barkal

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Monday, August 18, 2008

This Guy Has The Record You're Looking For

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

If you have an extra 3 million you can send my way, let me know.
More info here

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Earthless @ Roadburn Edit

Here's a different version of the Earthless show from Roadburn 2008. Actually, it's not so much a different version, as it is the one long 90 minute set split into two parts, about 57 and 34 minutes respectively. Apparently there are people out there still using compact discs, and the initial version is too long for them. If you need more info on the set, check it out here.

Click here! for the set in two parts
Click here! for the set as one

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Citay @ SXSW 2008 & Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound @ Roadburn 2008

I'm on a psych-rock roll, so let me take a moment to link up live sets from a couple of bands currently putting San Francisco on the map.

First up is a radio broadcast of Citay performing live at Spiro's in Austin, Texas as part of the annual SXSW music conference. The sound is a bit thin, but if you're a fan it shouldn't bother you too much. I believe it was a WFMU broadcast- March 14, 2008.

Next is an amazing Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound set recorded at Roadburn 2008. I'm not sure of all the song titles, so if you know or can figure them out, please share the info. Assemble Head themselves claim this to be the best show they ever played. Like most Roadburn recordings, this is top notch sound quality.

Citay- Click here!
Assemble Head- Click here!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Future is Unwritten Fest

Some local bearded longhairs have been planning and plotting behind the scenes recently and will be presenting The Future is Unwritten psych-rock music fest next month in Arcata and Eureka. The three day fest will most notably feature Mammatus and Nebula, both appearing in Humboldt for the first time, and will hopefully grow into a biannual event to be held during both the vernal and autumnal equinox of each year. If you're in the area, be sure to come out and support. Fest organizers have big plans in mind for the future and getting the fest off to a strong start would certainly make it possible for those plans to come to fruition.

Chapter One of this year’s festival will be written Friday, September 5 at Big Pete’s Pizzeria on G Street in Arcata with local psych-rockers Yer Dog and White Manna kicking off festivities with a special all ages performance. Those over 21 need not despair, for beer will still be served with proper identification. Pizza will be available to all. The door will be $5, with music starting shortly after 10pm.

Chapter Two of the festival will take place Saturday, September 6 at the Alibi in Arcata with Mammatus and Datura Blues. Mammatus hails from outside Santa Cruz, California and has created quite a buzz over the past couple of years with their fuzzed-out and somewhat demented live performances. Datura Blues, whose formative roots can be traced back to a cold and stormy night in Humboldt County, will open the show with their unique blend of psychedelic madness, one that incorporates elements of folk, punk, krautrock, and improvisational jams into the mix. Cover for this show will be $5. It is a 21+ event, with doors opening at 10:30pm and music starting shortly after 11pm.

Chapter Three brings the festival to Aunty Mo’s in Eureka on Sunday, September 7 and will feature Nebula and Totimoshi. Certainly Nebula needs no introduction to most readers, as they are pioneers of the psych/stoner boom of the last decade. The Bay Area’s Totimoshi is accompanying Nebula with their crushing brand of rock fury, and while it may be a stretch to say the power trio is psych-influenced, their latest release does find the band edging closer to some straight-up jams. Local hard rockers Machete round out the bill. The show is a 21+ affair and will be $8. Doors open at 9pm with bands beginning at 10pm.

I renewed an old link of a Mammatus show from 2007. You can read more about that post here.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saviours and Titan in Eureka

Saviours and Titan will be playing the Lil Red Lion in Eureka this Monday, August 11th. It seems kind of a last minute booking, so spread the word. I've never seen Titan, but that Tee Pee release is stellar. More info here.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tom Waits @ Atlanta

This is the NPR live broadcast recorded on July 5th of this year while Waits was on his Glitter and Doom tour. Simply amazing. This version is broken down into individual songs and clocks in at almost two and a half hours. The band is stellar, Waits is in top form, and the sound quality cannot be topped. Need I say more?

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Record Shops

For those of you that know me even in the slightest, you know I am a vinyl junkie. Well, this summer I somehow I found myself with time on my hands and a whisper in my ear that told me to create a Google map of record shops I frequent, or don't frequent, in the San Francisco and Humboldt Bay areas. Take it for what you think it's worth. I hesitate to call what I have done a guide, for it's more of a rambling narrative about my endless quest for vinyl. I hope that you will find it somewhat useful at most and mildly entertaining at least.

I didn't really have any criteria for this pseudo-project, except that I would be focusing on how decent a shop is based on their records. I considered price, quality, and service and tried to elaborate on points that I as a potential record buyer would like to hear. Please realize these commentaries are rooted in my experiences. It's okay if you disagree. I would actually encourage you to throw in some comments on this posting if you find yourself with different, or even the same, perspectives. So far I have 29 spots mapped and narrated, and I'll be adding more soon. If you know of additional shops I should include, let me know. If you have a similar map, I'll link you up. Cheers.

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Back to the Redwoods...

Summer tours are treating the Arcata/Eureka area well as of late, with Annihilation Time, Sour Vein, Harvey Milk (w/Joe Preston), Buffalo Killers, and Velnias (impressive black metal from Chicago) all playing here within the last week. Turnout for each of the shows was very respectable and is hopefully a sign of good things to come. If we're not going to have good restaurants up here, we might as well see good music.

Prepare for the soap box....

I don't think that many people realize that most shows are funded by the independent promoters presenting the shows and not the venues themselves. This, of course, means that when the door does not make enough money to pay the bands, the local promoter has to pay bands out of his or her own pocket. I only mention this because I saw people haggling the $5 admission charge to Buffalo Killers at Big Pete's and worked the Alibi door for the Velnias show, dealing with people grumbling about the $4 cover. Quite disconcerting, especially considering that bands like Saviours, Titan, and Wolves in the Throne Room all have upcoming open dates between tour stops where they could easily play Humboldt. If people aren't going to pay modest door prices, why would/should local promoters take a chance on shows like that? Would you? Sure, times are tough. I got money to throw at the local music scene though. Ahhh. Digression.

Anyways, the Arcata house show circuit is bubbling. The Green House, Yellow House, Fire House, and Das Gast House all have expanding schedules, most of which can be found on a new DIY online calendar that someone set up. Very cool.

Have you heard about The Future is Unwritten fest happening here in September? You will soon. Check back for more info.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Joy Division @ Eindhoven

I was kind of bummed last autumn that Control, Anton Corbijn's Joy Division movie, didn't end up making its way to an Arcata area theater. Not that I was surprised- but I had bought into the hype surrounding the movie and would have preferred to see it on the big screen instead of waiting for the DVD. Well, maybe the novelty wore off. Or maybe I expected too much. It wasn't really the kind of film I was expecting. You can read why here.

In order to compensate for my slight disappointment, I dug up a Joy Division set from 1980 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The sound starts off kind of rough but is eventually worked out, making this one of the better JD boots out there. Check it out.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Slackin'

I've been enjoying my time here in the Bay Area (as much as one can while broke) and slacking on the blog. My energies have been going into the class I'm teaching and a googlemap project I'm putting together that "reviews" Bay Area record shops. I'll have that up early next week. I'll also get back to some posting of live shows very soon.

Check out my buddy Ben. He's doing some online radio work on combatmusicradio.com. He's playing some old 80s hardcore and punk. His first show posted today. It rips. The cranky old punker is also writing for a Bay Area soccer website. Good stuff.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Saviours @ Glasgow

I'm back in Oakland for a few weeks, so what better way to celebrate my return than a set from one of the town's favorites. This is a Saviours show recorded March 29, 2008 in Glasgow, Scotland. Thanks to the original uploader.

The setlist:

-Circle Of Servant Bodies
-Into Abaddon
-Cavern Of Mind
-Narcotic Sea
-Raging Embers

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Top of the World

I know this is not a sports blog, but these are some of the photos that go along with the sweet sweet music running through my head tonight.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Sword @ Roadburn 2007

I was really looking forward to the new album by The Sword, considering the promise they showed with their first release. However, I found the new one to be a bit underwhelming. I feel kind of bad, like I'm missing the point or something. People I was running into at shows and while in town were pretty psyched. I wasn't. So I decided to take a few more listens and write it up for the North Coast Journal. Can't say I changed my mind. You can read why here.

I was then trying to figure out what music I was going to upload next and found some live Sword stuff I never listened to, including their set from Roadburn 2007, which includes tracks from both of their albums, and has singer JD Cronise belting out a more Danzig-like bellow than I've heard on the studio stuff. If you're already a fan, you'll want to hear it. It's a soundboard recording so don't hesitate.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Shows Behind the Curtain II

I'll be back in the East Bay for some summer school teaching for a few weeks, but that doesn't mean there isn't some good stuff going on in Arcata...

June 13th Jambalaya - Wayne "The Train" Hancock w/ Side Iron $15
June 24th Alibi - The Braille Tapes (experimental rock from Bellingham) w/TBA 10:30pm 21+
July 16th Alibi - Helms Alee (new Hydra Head signing) w/TBA 10:30pm 21+
July 30th Big Pete's Pizzeria - Buffalo Killers w/TBA all ages
August 2nd Alibi - Veinias (black metal) w/TBA 10:30pm 21+

Remember Harkonen? One of the dudes is in the aforementioned Helms Alee...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Earthless @ Roadburn 2008

I'm still holding out hope that Earthless is playing in the Bay Area this June or July while I'm down there doing my summer school teaching thing, but persistent rumors seem to indicate that they'll be touring with Graveyard some time in the late summer or early fall. Hopefully gas prices will cooperate and make it possible for me to make a later trek. Wishful thinking, right?

If you have never seen these guys live, I do sympathize, for rarely does a band mesmerize and captivate an audience as thoroughly as Earthless. Set lengths, at least each time I've seen them, usually run between 40 and 60 or so minutes. What's amazing about this set, taken from last month's big Roadburn festival in Holland, is that it clocks in at about 90 minutes! If you are even remotely into Earthless, you need to download this. The sound is almost perfect and the set absolutely rips.

I thought about doing some editing and breaking the set into separate tracks, but I resisted temptation, figuring that the Earthless experience would be lessened by such technological intrusions. Plus, if you don't have the time to sit and listen to their set straight through, you probably shouldn't be listening to Earthless. Nuff said. Enjoy.

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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Anvil! More Anvil!

A few posts back I linked up an article from the New York Times about a documentary film based on the career of Anvil. Here's some viewing opportunities for those in shooting distance of the Bay Area. The info came from from the Aquarius Records website.

Castro Theatre - Sat, July 26th 10:00 PM
RodaTheatre at the Berkeley Rep - Sat, Aug 9th 10:15 PM

Anvil! The Story of Anvil!
Sacha Gervasi, United States, 2008, 80 min.

It plays like a mockumentary, think This Is Spinal Tap in the frozen North, but this wonderful and often hilarious documentary follows the antics, on- and offstage, of a once famous Canadian heavy metal band, Anvil, founded in the 1970s by two Toronto school friends (and nice Jewish boys). Anvil had a megahit album in 1982, influencing a generation of metal bands; then, missteps and struggles. But Anvil rocks on. Sponsored by Nancy Goldberg and Shana Penn, honoring Elizabeth Greene for her nine years of extraordinary service to SFJFF. Co-presented by the San Francisco Bay Guardian / SFBG.com and Aquarius Records

Box office opens June 24th. For tickets and more information
call 925-275-9490 or visit www.sfjff.org

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Just press play.

Fucked Up @ KFJC

Can't wait until these folks get back out here on the West Coast, for they are a treat to see live. They are also the reason that I still hold a few shreds of hope for hardcore/punk. Anyone know if there is some new material on the way? This Fucked Up set is another KFJC radio recording. The vocals start off a bit lost in the mix but work themselves out over the course of the recording. I'm not sure when it was recorded, but I'm going to guess 2005. Check it out.

Edit! I have been informed the set is from February 18, 2005. Thanks, grits.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Straight Edge Revenge

If you're in the Arcata area this Sunday night, The Bringer of Torture will be filling in for Baberaham Lincoln on Humboldt Free Radio 99.9 FM, playing two hours of sXe hardcore from 9-11pm. Should be fun.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shows Behind the Curtain

Just a sampling of what's coming up in the Arcata/Eureka area in the near future. I really wish there was an all ages venue, or at least an 18+ spot, as that would lead to more shows, especially by touring bands. If someone knows of any house shows going on, let me know.

May 22nd- Dead Meadow w/ Tanuki and The Common Vice 9:30pm $6 21+ @ Aunty Mo's in Eureka
May 24th- The Fire Demons (local stoner doom) w/ The Grip (party punk from Portland) $4 10:30pm 21+ @ The Alibi in Arcata
May 28th- Howlin' Rain w/ Arrogant Hare and Zac Institute $8 10:00pm 21+ @ Jambalaya in Arcata
May 29th- Supergiant (stoner rock from NM) w/ HDR (stoner rock from L.A.) $5 10:30pm 21+ @ The Alibi in Arcata

Monday, May 19, 2008

Anvil in NY Times

Here's an interesting article in the New York Times about a documentary film based on the 30 year career of Canadian metallers Anvil. It apparently got some buzz at Sundance and has been playing various film fests to a good deal of success. Maybe my dusty Anvil records are worth something after all. Oh, the movie is called Anvil! The Story of Anvil. Sweet, eh?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dystopia @ KFJC

What am I doing instead of writing about the politics of representation for my final paper due tomorrow? Posting a link to my Dystopia review and uploading a radio broadcast of Dystopia at KFJC from 1996. It's dirty. It's messy. It's raw. Hey, it's Dystopia. Great mood music for the last days of the semester.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Graves at Sea @ SHoD

Grad school has been killing me lately, thus a decrease in posting. I'm making it up to everyone by digging a little deeper into my files and making this available.

Graves at Sea
. Not sure why these guys decided to call it quits earlier this year. Perhaps the move from Arizona to Oakland had something to do with it? Nonetheless, here's a live set from the Stoner Hands of Doom festival back on September 1, 2006 in Phoenix. The track list is as follows:

Red Monarch
Lament for a Doomed Village
The Art of Corpse Disposal

It's a soundboard recording, and it crushes.

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Say it ain't so, Eric

Is it too much for me to claim that Eric Wagner has one of the best true metal voices of all time? And if it is just me hyperbolizing, can I just claim that he has one of the most under appreciated voices in metal?

Eric Wagner just left Trouble and has been replaced by Kory Clarke of Warrior Soul, something that I find...troubling. Wagner claims he cannot handle the rigors of touring and simply wants to focus on his new project, Black Finger. I don't blame the rest of the guys for carrying on without Wagner but seriously, what is Trouble without his distinguished vocal presence? Seems to me that they will be just another proto-stoner band without him. We'll see. Trouble has been around since 1979 and has seen Wagner depart before. This may be a good kick in the pants for both parties. Their last release, Simple Mind Condition, was good...but certainly lacked the enthusiasm that an album twelve years in the waiting should have.

Back in 1994, just after being dumped by Rick Rubin, Trouble set off on a club tour of Europe and brought with them a disc called One for the Road. The CD was a hot item for traders for a while and was fetching some big bucks on eBay before surfacing on the interweb. There's a couple of different versions, including one that has a bunch of covers and live material on it. The one I'm posting here is the original five track collection, of which only two songs (as far as I know) went on to be rerecorded and officially released. If you're unfamiliar with Trouble, I don't know if this is the best place to start. You may be better off going back in their discography and starting with one of their Metal Blade or American releases. If you are a Trouble fan, this is well worth your time. Here's your track list:

Goin' Home
Window Pain
Another Day*
Doom Box

(*later appeared on Plastic Green Head)

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Thrash Metal Demo Attack

Perhaps one of the first signs of old age manifests when you realize that genres of music that you grew up with are all of a sudden being reclaimed and recycled. I look at the recent rise of bands like Skeleton Witch, Merciless Death, Toxic Holocaust, and Bonded by Blood and suddenly feel my body ache from the punishment it absorbed as I moshed and waltzed my way through the 80s. And then I find myself asking this:

Really? Thrash is back?

I find it somewhat disconcerting that the groundbreaking labels of the 80s (Earache, Metal Blade, Century Media, etc.) are spending their time rehashing past glories by signing new thrash bands. So much for pushing the envelope into new territory, eh? Makes me appreciate the black metal scene in a whole new way. Don't get me wrong; I have deep affection for thrash metal's galloping riffage and spastic intensity, but there's a reason that thrash crashed and faded in the early 90's. Frankly, it was getting tired and stale. You've got to admit that the style is rather limited. It's no wonder that death metal took over so easily.

When these bands started popping up a few years back, it seemed to be in the name of paying homage to past masters. But now what are we to make of all of this? There seems to be flipped-brim flannel shirt-wearing crew of moshers around every corner. I will concede that the newbies are good, but I question whether or not they're really adding something that wasn't there before or is needed now. After all, thanks to social networking and file sharing, there is still an abundance of classic-era thrash available for our listening enjoyment and consumption, from the signed and unsigned alike.

Well, at least all of this has gotten Ed Repka back into the cover art scene.

Anyways, I'm posting a couple of demos from the great yesteryear- one by Sacrilege BC and the other from Tyrranicide. Both of these bands are often left out of conversations about Bay Area thrash and undeservedly so. Perhaps it was because of their more overt political leanings and punk roots. They certainly did not lack the chops. I think bands like this serve as evidence that we don't need a resurgence in thrash. We still have a rich history from which we can still learn.

If you end up digging these, then I encourage you to seek out more bands from this era before delving into today's pool of offerings. I think you'll find yourself pleasantly surprised. And if you are already well-schooled in the history of thrash's golden era, feel free to leave recommendations in the comments section. If I find there is a solid demand for stuff like this, I'll dig deeper into the collection and post some more.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Zozobra @ San Francisco

With this posting I guess things may seem to appear a bit suspicious, for if one did not think any better, you would think the site is sponsored by former members of Cave In. If you haven't been counting, this will be the fourth Cave In related post and third related live download I have done this year. I've got all the members covered except drummer JR Connors. And don't worry- he's currently in Doomriders, and I'm trying to hook up some live material from them also.

Will anyone believe me if I claim it's all coincidence?

Zozobra is a project headed by Caleb Scofield, bass player in Cave In, and Santos Montano, who has previously collaborated with Caleb in Old Man Gloom. Incidentally, "old man gloom" and "zozobra" are synonymous terms, the latter simply being the Spanish term for the English translation. Zozobra is the name of a marionette that is traditionally burned in effigy each year at the Fiestas de Santa Fe in New Mexico.

The band does have one album, Harmonic Tremors, released on Hydra Head Records. It isn't a huge straying from the post-metal tendencies of Old Man Gloom and Isis but does present a more focused straight-ahead approach, a welcome move considering that many of today's post-metallers are trying too hard to be cerebral in their songwriting and falling quite short.

The live set posted here comes from a stop at Bimbos in San Francisco while on the Isis/Jesu tour. The sound quality is great. I would even argue that they, somehow, had the best sound of the night. Adam McGrath (Clouds) played guitar on this tour, but I'm not sure who else rounded out the lineup. I'll work on finding that out. And like last week, I do not have the set list. I'm working on that too. At least I know the show is from April 6, 2007.

I'm busy with grad school. Cut me some slack.

Edit Alert!!! I was informed via the comments that Caleb has a new project called Heatseeker and an mp3 posted here. The song crushes. Aaron Harris from Isis plays drums and recorded the band's debut, due in July on Hydra Head. Thanks, Seth.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Leviathan Review

Leviathan's Massive Conspiracy Against All Life is simply amazing. I hope "Wrest" is doing well and has good people still looking after him. From what I hear, he's had a pretty tough stretch this last year or so. Hopefully he can pull his shit together and continue to keep working on his art, musical and otherwise.

My review of the new album printed this week in the North Coast Journal. I'll be curious to see the kind of impact this release has on the metal underground, as I expect many new listeners will be drawn to Leviathan. That isn't to say that Massive Conspiracy is "accessible" in a way that compromises sound for followers. I just think that this record's accomplishment, combined with a bit of already present black metal bandwagoning, will make this a pretty popular release, much to the chagrin of those knuckleheaded "kult" fans attempting to keep black metal an elitist club for young white suburban males with too much time on their hands.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Clouds @ San Diego

If you ever got to see Cave In live, then you probably enjoyed watching the quirky antics of a baby-faced Adam McGrath as he spun and lashed himself about the stage. While he never quite enjoyed the same kind of attention that was directed at front man Steve Brodsky, McGrath was indeed a vital part of Cave In's creativity and success.

Clouds, McGrath's first post-Cave In project, is a swaggering and rollicking unit that plays upon a myriad of 70s rock influences that allows Adam to pursue musical directions unavailable to him in Cave In. The band just got back from playing last month's SXSW festival and is preparing to record their follow-up to last year's Legendary Demos on Hydra Head Records. In the meantime, however, you can check out this live set recorded at the Casbah in San Diego in August of 2007. I don't have the set list right now, but I will get that posted up here ASAP.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thank Goodness!

I'm sure most of you know already that At the Gates is doing a reunion tour this summer across the States. Considering that the band's greatest acclaim came about shortly after they broke up, I think this is a great idea, for it affords those who did not see them on their 1995 tour with Napalm Death the opportunity to experience the aural carnage, even if it will cost you upwards to thirty-seven dollars at venues like San Francisco's Fillmore.

As with any reunion of this sort comes the risk that a band will take the dreaded next step....the releasing of new music. Now, I haven't been losing sleep over the thought, but I have been worried that At the Gates may do something foolish. A recent interview with Pitchfork, however, put my worries at ease:

Pitchfork: I've read that At the Gates won't record any new music. Is that still the case?
Tomas Lindberg: No, there is not going to be a new album by At the Gates. There are two basic reasons for that: 1) We are all busy with our other projects-- the Haunted, Disfear, and 2) No matter how great that album would be, it would still be compared in the light of Slaughter of the Soul and the psychological history people have to that album.

That is the best metal news I have heard thus far in 2008. Why? Just go back and read Lindberg's response again. It's right there under reason #2. Slaughter of the Soul is untouchable. You can read more here in an interview with Tomas Lindberg's "other" band, Disfear.

Perhaps someone would like to start some commentary about whether or not the openers are appropriate? Are they good choices paying homage to the ground-breaking legends? Poor choices, as they are potentially only trend followers that do not allow the genre to grow and progress?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Howlin Rain @ Big Sur

Here's a pleasant surprise, two live tracks sent in by Howlin Rain from their show last month at the Fernwood Resort in Big Sur, California. The songs include "Death Prayer" from their debut and the trippy "Nomads" which appears on Magnificent Fiend. If you're familiar with either song, you'll appreciate these versions, as the band's live performance reveals subtleties that aren't heard in their studio recordings, especially within the playful exchange between the two guitars. Find the link below and check it out.

It does indeed seem that Howlin Rain will be appearing at Jambalaya in Arcata within the next few weeks. A date should be announced very soon.

Edit Alert!!! Howlin Rain will indeed be playing Jambalaya in Arcata on May 28th and will then return September 10th to open for the Black Crowes at Humboldt State's Van Duzer Theater.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Howlin Rain Review

Oops. I've been slacking this week. Took a trip to Eugene, Portland, Olympia, and Seattle for a bit of record shopping and some much needed spring break. Record hunting treated me well: Heldon, Hawkwind, Robert Calvert, Deodato, Billy Cobham, and Tangerine Dream were among the highlights.

Anyhow, people I talked to on my journey seem to be pretty jazzed about the new Howlin Rain, and I think it's for good reason. You can read all about it here in the North Coast Journal. Being that there are three Humboldt natives in the band, I shot some questions to Ethan Miller in hopes of spicing up the review, and he came through with some interesting stuff. His thoughts are below.

On the differences between the debut and Magnificent Fiend

Yeah the keys make a huge difference. Playing with Joel in the last year and a half I have fallen totally in love with the piano and keyed instruments again. The range and detail and power is enormous of this type of instrument. The first album was made in a very short time with a very small budget and whole lot of whiskey and chance. This album I wrote the hell out of it for about a year or so before the new band even started rehearsing it. I took my time to make sure we had what I wanted with the sound and quality of the record too. It wasn't so much a smash and grab as they say in the burglary business.

On the impression that Howlin Rain is simply a side project to Comets on Fire…

I never envisioned it to be a one release band. I think because Comets was such a known entity to the underground and indie world that folks just thought it was a side project. But really I developed it to be something I could really focus on and dump my main energies into.

On his influences and inspiration for writing the new album…

At the time that I was really heavily writing and then throughout the recording I was really deep into Mahavishnu Orchestra, Paul Simon (still crazy era), Miles Davis (fusion era), Delaney and Bonnie, a book called Perdido St. Station by China Mieville, Richard and Linda Thompson, Cormac McCarthy's No Country and The Road, short stories of Clifford D. Simak, The Melvins, Popol Vuh, Moorcock's Dancers At the End of Time trilogy, Scientist, Lee Scratch Perry, Arik Roper's artwork, Michael Mann's Miami Vice, Steely Dan's Aja album, Rollin's era Black Flag, Leslie West and Mountain, Gal Costa, The Groundhogs---it goes on forever. I have a rabid and eclectic appetite these days for music and I get obsessed with sounds and bands and albums and dive deep very quickly with them and then move on, it's just they way it goes for me for better or for worse. This was probably my heavy rotation for a month or so a year ago. Best I can remember.

On his relationship to his native Humboldt…

Humboldt is a very unique place. It has a unique and intense resonance and I have tried to fuse elements of its resonance into some of the Howlin Rain vibe---that mix of beauty and mystery and darkness. I have deep feelings of both connection and disconnection to Humboldt. My parents and a lot of old friends are there so a huge part of my heart is there. It is a place I have run to and run from at different points in my life. It is not a place where you can belong as an outsider and yet it's arms are always open if you are willing to stay. I am an outsider now but I still have these deep roots to the place and its resonance hangs around my head and heart still sometimes.

Finally, here's a video from the band's recent in store performance at Amoeba Records.