Saturday, May 31, 2008

Anvil! More Anvil!

A few posts back I linked up an article from the New York Times about a documentary film based on the career of Anvil. Here's some viewing opportunities for those in shooting distance of the Bay Area. The info came from from the Aquarius Records website.

Castro Theatre - Sat, July 26th 10:00 PM
RodaTheatre at the Berkeley Rep - Sat, Aug 9th 10:15 PM

Anvil! The Story of Anvil!
Sacha Gervasi, United States, 2008, 80 min.

It plays like a mockumentary, think This Is Spinal Tap in the frozen North, but this wonderful and often hilarious documentary follows the antics, on- and offstage, of a once famous Canadian heavy metal band, Anvil, founded in the 1970s by two Toronto school friends (and nice Jewish boys). Anvil had a megahit album in 1982, influencing a generation of metal bands; then, missteps and struggles. But Anvil rocks on. Sponsored by Nancy Goldberg and Shana Penn, honoring Elizabeth Greene for her nine years of extraordinary service to SFJFF. Co-presented by the San Francisco Bay Guardian / and Aquarius Records

Box office opens June 24th. For tickets and more information
call 925-275-9490 or visit

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Just press play.

Fucked Up @ KFJC

Can't wait until these folks get back out here on the West Coast, for they are a treat to see live. They are also the reason that I still hold a few shreds of hope for hardcore/punk. Anyone know if there is some new material on the way? This Fucked Up set is another KFJC radio recording. The vocals start off a bit lost in the mix but work themselves out over the course of the recording. I'm not sure when it was recorded, but I'm going to guess 2005. Check it out.

Edit! I have been informed the set is from February 18, 2005. Thanks, grits.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Straight Edge Revenge

If you're in the Arcata area this Sunday night, The Bringer of Torture will be filling in for Baberaham Lincoln on Humboldt Free Radio 99.9 FM, playing two hours of sXe hardcore from 9-11pm. Should be fun.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shows Behind the Curtain

Just a sampling of what's coming up in the Arcata/Eureka area in the near future. I really wish there was an all ages venue, or at least an 18+ spot, as that would lead to more shows, especially by touring bands. If someone knows of any house shows going on, let me know.

May 22nd- Dead Meadow w/ Tanuki and The Common Vice 9:30pm $6 21+ @ Aunty Mo's in Eureka
May 24th- The Fire Demons (local stoner doom) w/ The Grip (party punk from Portland) $4 10:30pm 21+ @ The Alibi in Arcata
May 28th- Howlin' Rain w/ Arrogant Hare and Zac Institute $8 10:00pm 21+ @ Jambalaya in Arcata
May 29th- Supergiant (stoner rock from NM) w/ HDR (stoner rock from L.A.) $5 10:30pm 21+ @ The Alibi in Arcata

Monday, May 19, 2008

Anvil in NY Times

Here's an interesting article in the New York Times about a documentary film based on the 30 year career of Canadian metallers Anvil. It apparently got some buzz at Sundance and has been playing various film fests to a good deal of success. Maybe my dusty Anvil records are worth something after all. Oh, the movie is called Anvil! The Story of Anvil. Sweet, eh?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dystopia @ KFJC

What am I doing instead of writing about the politics of representation for my final paper due tomorrow? Posting a link to my Dystopia review and uploading a radio broadcast of Dystopia at KFJC from 1996. It's dirty. It's messy. It's raw. Hey, it's Dystopia. Great mood music for the last days of the semester.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Graves at Sea @ SHoD

Grad school has been killing me lately, thus a decrease in posting. I'm making it up to everyone by digging a little deeper into my files and making this available.

Graves at Sea
. Not sure why these guys decided to call it quits earlier this year. Perhaps the move from Arizona to Oakland had something to do with it? Nonetheless, here's a live set from the Stoner Hands of Doom festival back on September 1, 2006 in Phoenix. The track list is as follows:

Red Monarch
Lament for a Doomed Village
The Art of Corpse Disposal

It's a soundboard recording, and it crushes.

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Say it ain't so, Eric

Is it too much for me to claim that Eric Wagner has one of the best true metal voices of all time? And if it is just me hyperbolizing, can I just claim that he has one of the most under appreciated voices in metal?

Eric Wagner just left Trouble and has been replaced by Kory Clarke of Warrior Soul, something that I find...troubling. Wagner claims he cannot handle the rigors of touring and simply wants to focus on his new project, Black Finger. I don't blame the rest of the guys for carrying on without Wagner but seriously, what is Trouble without his distinguished vocal presence? Seems to me that they will be just another proto-stoner band without him. We'll see. Trouble has been around since 1979 and has seen Wagner depart before. This may be a good kick in the pants for both parties. Their last release, Simple Mind Condition, was good...but certainly lacked the enthusiasm that an album twelve years in the waiting should have.

Back in 1994, just after being dumped by Rick Rubin, Trouble set off on a club tour of Europe and brought with them a disc called One for the Road. The CD was a hot item for traders for a while and was fetching some big bucks on eBay before surfacing on the interweb. There's a couple of different versions, including one that has a bunch of covers and live material on it. The one I'm posting here is the original five track collection, of which only two songs (as far as I know) went on to be rerecorded and officially released. If you're unfamiliar with Trouble, I don't know if this is the best place to start. You may be better off going back in their discography and starting with one of their Metal Blade or American releases. If you are a Trouble fan, this is well worth your time. Here's your track list:

Goin' Home
Window Pain
Another Day*
Doom Box

(*later appeared on Plastic Green Head)

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