Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Electric Wizard @ BBC Studios

With any luck we'll see Electric Wizard stateside sometime this year touring in support of Witchcult Today. Anyone see them last time they came over here and toured with Warhorse? I'm certain that I lost a great deal of my hearing that night, even with earplugs. Anyhow, I recently discovered these BBC radio tracks and decided to make them available for your listening and collecting pleasure. I'm not sure how many songs they played in this session, but these are the only ones I have been able to find. If you know anything else about these recordings, let me know. The songs are "Dopethrone" and "We Live"- enjoy!

Click here!

Edit! As of March 1, 2008 this link has been deactivated. I'll be reposting the BBC sessions within the next couple of weeks. I found a better quality version with an extra song. Check back!

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