Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shows Behind the Curtain

Just a sampling of what's coming up in the Arcata/Eureka area in the near future. I really wish there was an all ages venue, or at least an 18+ spot, as that would lead to more shows, especially by touring bands. If someone knows of any house shows going on, let me know.

May 22nd- Dead Meadow w/ Tanuki and The Common Vice 9:30pm $6 21+ @ Aunty Mo's in Eureka
May 24th- The Fire Demons (local stoner doom) w/ The Grip (party punk from Portland) $4 10:30pm 21+ @ The Alibi in Arcata
May 28th- Howlin' Rain w/ Arrogant Hare and Zac Institute $8 10:00pm 21+ @ Jambalaya in Arcata
May 29th- Supergiant (stoner rock from NM) w/ HDR (stoner rock from L.A.) $5 10:30pm 21+ @ The Alibi in Arcata

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