Thursday, June 5, 2008

Earthless @ Roadburn 2008

I'm still holding out hope that Earthless is playing in the Bay Area this June or July while I'm down there doing my summer school teaching thing, but persistent rumors seem to indicate that they'll be touring with Graveyard some time in the late summer or early fall. Hopefully gas prices will cooperate and make it possible for me to make a later trek. Wishful thinking, right?

If you have never seen these guys live, I do sympathize, for rarely does a band mesmerize and captivate an audience as thoroughly as Earthless. Set lengths, at least each time I've seen them, usually run between 40 and 60 or so minutes. What's amazing about this set, taken from last month's big Roadburn festival in Holland, is that it clocks in at about 90 minutes! If you are even remotely into Earthless, you need to download this. The sound is almost perfect and the set absolutely rips.

I thought about doing some editing and breaking the set into separate tracks, but I resisted temptation, figuring that the Earthless experience would be lessened by such technological intrusions. Plus, if you don't have the time to sit and listen to their set straight through, you probably shouldn't be listening to Earthless. Nuff said. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

THANKS, for the earthless roadburn file. It was amazing when it hit me there. great to be able to hear it again.