Monday, October 13, 2008

Wildildlife @ WFMU

I'll admit it. These guys were nowhere on my radar earlier this year. Now, however, they are a constant in my rotation of daily soundtracks. It's another live set recorded at WFMU, one of the ideal models of modern free-form radio in the United States. Imagine the state of contemporary music if more stations adopted a similar approach to the airwaves. I certainly wouldn't have to deal with that hyperactive gag reflex that occurs every time I pass and hear a commercial radio station.

While I am very appreciative of Wildildlife's studio efforts, I am absolutely enthralled with this live recording. It captures layers of sound and textures that go undetected and unexplored on their other works. They're definitely a band that thrives on the improvisational opportunities the live setting provides. So, at any rate, this download will serve you well as either a solid gateway to the band or as a supplement to your current Wildildlife library.

Props to the Sludge Swamp for the original post.

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mustard said...

I haven't had a chance to listen to this one yet as I did see it on Sludgeswamp too. I actually discovered your blog because I was just wandering around blogsearch looking at different people's Melvins posts. I had found your blog before and was very interested in commenting but did not have a Google account and any of the other approved types, so this time I set up a google account. On a side note, I guess you have your comments set up that way as a precaution against spam, but it is limiting :-) What you have going here is really cool and I guess what made me gravitate towards your blog was that I went to HSU and was a resident of Humboldt County from 1987-1994. If you get the time check out my blog at In my Humboldt section I have several entries of Humboldt bands from mostly the time I was there, but slowly I will be getting more current stuff from friends I still have up there. Anyway, I will be adding you to my links and I look forward to reading more of what you have to say. Thanx