Thursday, February 19, 2009

Episode Two: Astral Travel

Thanks to everyone who downloaded last week's inaugural podcast and gave a listen. Hopefully I did enough to convince you to listen again. This week's theme is space. Feedback is highly valued. I included the playlist below:

Heldon-"Stand By" Sun Ra-"Rocket Number Nine" Cosmic Jokers-"Kinder des Alles" Nik Turner-"Space Station Announcement" Khan-"Stargazers" Tangerine Dream-"Sunrise in the Third System" Farflung-"Unborn Planet" Pet Genius-"Cosmic Erosion" Achim Reichel and the Machines-"Cosmic Vibration" Captain Beefhart-"Moonchild" Strawberry Alarm Clock-"Sitting on a Star" Pussy-"Comets" Hell Preachers Inc.-"Spy in Space" Astral Navigations-"Yesterday" Witch-"Space God" Zombi-"Cosmic Powers" Mel Powell-"Second Electric Setting" Hawkwind-"Space is Deep" Ozric Tentacles-"Fast Dots" Pink Floyd-"Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun" Tweak Bird-"Space Ships" Gong-"Fohat Digs Holes in Space"

I had an clip of "Pigs in Space" ready to roll, but I never got to it. I'll get that in the mix in coming weeks. I'm really liking the new Zombi. Good stuff.

I'll also get some other posts going soon...stay tuned.

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