Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Electric Wizard - The Processean

If it's one band I count on for relative consistency, it's Electric Wizard. Sure, they've had a couple of wobbly moments (Let us Prey?), but for the most part I've been able to hang in there with all of their efforts. And to tell you the truth, I've found myself spinning Let us Prey more often in recent months- so I may be ultimately changing my view on that album. Anyways, the band played last month at Rise Above's 2oth anniversary show in London. To commemorate the event a one song single sided 12" titled The Processean was made available. And yeah, of course, it was limited to 500 copies. No one has posted a direct vinyl rip as of yet, but a radio stream has surfaced on a few blogs, and that's what I've posted here.

There have been a number of negative criticisms of the track, as it's more of a rolling thundering ambient drone than a traditionally structured Electric Wizard song. And while it's disappointing to only get ten minutes of sonic meandering, it at least suggests that we may get a follow up to Witchcult Today relatively soon (for Electric Wizard, at least). I'm sure that this track when placed in proper context will stand much stronger than it does now in isolation. At least I hope so, for consistency's sake.

I've packaged the file with "The House on the Borderland" from the Reverend Bizarre split in case anyone needs it.

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Dave H-S said...

Wizard did a massive 10-minute wall of feedback between songs at that show... it was pretty intense.

Dave H-S said...

(*not between EVERY song, they only did it once. Just realised the ambiguity of my comment)

mike said...

Quite jealous you got to see that. I haven't seen them since the 2001 tour with Warhorse. A top ten show to say the least.

kimberly said...

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Michael said...

Love 'Borderlands'. Thanks so much for posting. Impossible to find as an mp3 it seems. I'm having difficulty downloading yours, too, though. File date limit seems to have expired. Can you please repost it? Thanks so much! WIZARD!