Thursday, January 22, 2009


This is terrible. Dare I say worse than dealing with those who ironically listen to metal? Click the picture and you decide.

Remember some years ago when hardline activists tried to firebomb Deicide while the band was touring Europe? If you're in Oakland tonight or San Francisco tomorrow night, do me a favor...


Enlil said...

Lol!! Ironically listen to metal???

Anonymous said...

yeah. you know them. they show up to the show. they headbang. they throw up the horns. they yell and waggle their tongue in a mocking fashion.
they play air guitar and strike stereotypical metal poses. none of their antics (often drunken) are done with any sincerity, for after the set they go outside and make fun of the band and the audience with their friends. at the risk of over-generalizing, these characters are usually indie scene rooted who by choice are underemployed, claim to be in school, and have no regard for the working class ethics or ideals of the metal fans in attendance.

Enlil said...

Ok :D
I actually dont know anyone like that in this place, because here we are already few metal people and if we are all against each other... then... would be a total chaos XD
So, everytime we have a concert in these lands, we live it till the top. I have attended to quite expensive concerts (few public = few concerts and expesive ones) of bands which I even didnt like too much. But I went there and tried to involve more friends with me just because that's good for bringing more shows and not travelling too far.
If I dont like one concert I leave, I did it more than once, but I dont stay "enjoying falseness" for laughing later about bands. I refuse to pay expensive tickets to attend to concerts for laughing as all people who I know here, I think it's quite dumb. Instead I'd rather see a movie or do other stuff, as many of "normal people".
I have never played air guitar XD
Underemployed? claim to be in school? Sorry this is not my case.
I dont know what is exactly indie scene, it's not that popular here. I guess americans have more of that kind of music.
I try to understand which person likes to listen to (in principle serious) music for laughing but as I dont know anyone, I have that concept not so clear.

I am the one who wrote in the link the owner of this page placed here. And I must say that I have many friends who are playing in bands and could be the case time ago of myself, and some of them are quite good but they even cannot afford to pay to record in a decent studio, or to make promotion of their own material. They make much better music than this "son of a star with money", that's for sure. And it really pisses when you see some people can do everything they want recording in the most famous and expensive places, with colaborations of lots of great musicians of the metal scene and supporting international bands which bring thousands of people (having 1 demo!!!!) when the only thing they have is MONEY to pay.
I dont mean it's wrong, but it pisses when you see lots of others that make much better music and they have nothing.
Yeh! money moves the world :(
Golden age of marketing started in the middle or even beginning of 90's, just at the same time that music started to lose quality between the most sold artists. Well, I've might started changing topic, but I think it's very interesting how money can make one band to be big, mostly nowadays, and how can allow poor bands (in creativity) to have the best means to be more known (in every music style). Meanwhile those with certainty a gift and very creative minds but not with enough resources are condemned to stay in the shadow in most of the cases. Fair?

PS: yes I like to be ironic ;)
and sometimes is good to see ourselves and smile, you cannot take everything so seriously in life.
About mr. Weston, after listening that song of the myspace I can imagine he had listened too many times the last stuff of Dimmu, but it remains as a poor copy, that's undisputable under my sight.

Enlil said...

Well, thanks to Mike to make a link to my blog, though he might think it's not good to deal with people like me for showing his opinion about what I wrote here... but ok :D
I will keep on criticizing ironically about what I dont like in MUSIC and this BUSINESS in spite of people who may think I am a very bad person XD