Friday, March 27, 2009

Episode Five: All Keyed Up

Whew. Finally back on track! Thanks to everyone who stuck with the HFRA during our relocation and thanks to everyone checking out the new episode. This week's theme is all about the keyboards: Hammonds, Moogs, pianos, synthesizers, and all the rest. Here's the lineup:

Salem Mass- "Witch Burning" Harmonia- "Watussi" Current 93- "The Nylon Lion Attacks as Kingdom" Heldon- "ICS Machinque" Black Mountain- "Evil Ways" Barney Wilen- "Dear Professor Leary" Atilla- "California Flash" The Ghost- "When You're Dead" The Monks- "Monk Time" Goblin- "Profondo Rosso" Tim Blake- "Midnight" Walter Carlos- "Switched on Bach" Zombi- "Spirit Warrior" Farflung- "R-Complex" Jane- "Daytime" Egg- "Fugue in D Minor" The Vertigo Swirl- "Welcome to my Carnival" John Cale & Terry Reilly- "Church of Anthrax" Les Maledictus Sound- "Radio Pirate Program"

I think it's a pretty good balance of both new and old material. Atilla features a young Billy Joel on fuzzed-out organ and is totally worth checking out. I'm seeking ideas for a new episode theme. Suggestions are welcome.

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