Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Future is Unwritten Fest

Announcing this Spring’s The Future is Unwritten Lineup
Chapters 5, 6, and 7 to be held March 20, 21, and 22, 2009

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, CA – Along with the promises of spring also arrives the latest installment of The Future is Unwritten, Humboldt County’s quickly expanding psych-rock festival. Intended by the organizers to be held on the weekend of each seasonal equinox, the fest is heading into its third season of its inaugural year. Past installments of the festival, which have included acts such as Nebula, Mammatus, and White Manna, have been quite successful, allowing organizers to continue their endeavor and broaden their scope, both musically and geographically, of psychedelic and psychedelic-influenced artists.

The March schedule features bands familiar to the local scene, including Arcata’s The Little Still Not Big Enough and Nipplepotamus. And like last fall’s festival weekend, organizers looked up and down the West Coast to attract music and welcome Portland’s Plants, Seattle’s Wah Wah Exit Wound, Olympia’s Nudity, and Los Angeles’s Farflung to the fold. Also performing over the course of the weekend will be Germany’s Samsara Blues Experiment, the festival’s first international recruit.

Details of the shows are as follows:

Chapter Five of this year's festival will be written Friday, March 20 at Big Pete's Pizzeria on G Street in Arcata with local indie-psych-poppers The Little Still not Big Enough and the psych-folk sounds of Plants starting off the weekend with a special all ages performance. The Little Still not Big Enough has been impressing audiences of late and are said to be planning some “psych-fest surprises.” Plants, who are known “to explore delicate acid-folk terrain,” will certainly be bringing a welcome laid-back and dreamy atmosphere to an otherwise rocking festival. Organizers maintain that making live music accessible to listeners of all ages is important to the fest's continued success and to Humboldt's music scene in general. Big Pete's vested interest in providing live music for all of his patrons is appreciated. Those over 21 need not despair, for beer will still be served with proper identification. Pizza will be available to all. The door will be $5, with music starting shortly after 10pm.

Chapter Six
of the festival will take place Saturday, March 21 at the Alibi in Arcata with Nipplepotamus and Wah Wah Exit Wound. Nipplepotamus hails from right here in Arcata, and while their indie-punk sound may not necessarily reveal anything overtly psychedelic, their experimental side certainly does. The band’s live performance has received a great deal of local attention that is about to spring them out of Humboldt County. Wah Wah Exit Wound, whose wandering, trippy, psych-influenced prog will highlight the evening, are making a welcome return to Arcata and will certainly wish to channel the good vibes left behind from their previous performances. The group is on the verge of releasing a new album, one that may be ready in time for the show. Cover for this show will be $5. It is a 21+ event, with doors opening at 10:30pm and music starting shortly after 11pm.

Chapter Seven
brings the festival to Aunty Mo's in Eureka on Sunday, March 22 and will feature Samsara Blues Experiment, Nudity, and Farflung. Samsara Blues Experiment hail from Berlin, Germany and is the festival’s first international recruit. Initially contacted on a whim late last year by festival organizers, the band has found themselves set up with their first West Coast tour. Thanks to an aggressive free demo download Samsara offered through their MySpace page, the band is receiving some well-deserved international attention. Their stoned-out mystical jamming will certainly please psych fans of all types. Nudity are no strangers to the local scene, as they have recently passed through the area a number of times with their kraut-inspired psychedelia. Bass player Jon "Quitty" Quittner is familiar with the local music scene, as he was once a member of former Humboldt punkers Brents TV. Topping off the evening is Farflung, veterans of the United States space rock scene (if such a scene even exists). Farflung’s supersonic Hawkwind-like attack is clearly a sound ripe for the stage and makes this evening a must-see event. The band’s 2008 album A Wound in Eternity made several “best of” lists last year. The show is a 21+ affair and will be $7. Doors open at 9pm with bands beginning at 10pm.

Festival organizers intend to present one chapter of The Future is Unwritten again in June of 2009 and will set right to work on putting together a massive weekend of shows for October’s autumnal equinox. If you need more information about The Future is Unwritten, please contact You can also visit them here.

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