Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Electric Wizard @ BBC Studios (updated)

This is a repost of Electric Wizard at BBC studios in 2005. My original posting contained two songs, "We Live" and "Dopethrone," and included deejay dialog between the two tracks. This version is uninterrupted and includes the addition of "Another Perfect Day" as a third track. Download this and delete the others if you already have them. This is much better. This is best played late at night at high volume when your bean bag juggling, hoop rolling, magic stick tossing, Tibetan flag displaying neighbors are trying to sleep. Trust me.

I've still got my fingers crossed in hopes of a return of Electric Wizard to the US. Witchcult Today gets better with every listen, and I'm ready to see those songs live. Keep your eyes open on this blog; I've got some live material that will post within the next couple of weeks.

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Drunkelheit said...

dude, I can't download it... something's wrong... it says the file's not available or something like that...