Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Howlin Rain @ Big Sur

Here's a pleasant surprise, two live tracks sent in by Howlin Rain from their show last month at the Fernwood Resort in Big Sur, California. The songs include "Death Prayer" from their debut and the trippy "Nomads" which appears on Magnificent Fiend. If you're familiar with either song, you'll appreciate these versions, as the band's live performance reveals subtleties that aren't heard in their studio recordings, especially within the playful exchange between the two guitars. Find the link below and check it out.

It does indeed seem that Howlin Rain will be appearing at Jambalaya in Arcata within the next few weeks. A date should be announced very soon.

Edit Alert!!! Howlin Rain will indeed be playing Jambalaya in Arcata on May 28th and will then return September 10th to open for the Black Crowes at Humboldt State's Van Duzer Theater.

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pamps said...

any chance of reposting this? I came upon your blog today. Thanks for all the live sets!