Thursday, April 17, 2008

Zozobra @ San Francisco

With this posting I guess things may seem to appear a bit suspicious, for if one did not think any better, you would think the site is sponsored by former members of Cave In. If you haven't been counting, this will be the fourth Cave In related post and third related live download I have done this year. I've got all the members covered except drummer JR Connors. And don't worry- he's currently in Doomriders, and I'm trying to hook up some live material from them also.

Will anyone believe me if I claim it's all coincidence?

Zozobra is a project headed by Caleb Scofield, bass player in Cave In, and Santos Montano, who has previously collaborated with Caleb in Old Man Gloom. Incidentally, "old man gloom" and "zozobra" are synonymous terms, the latter simply being the Spanish term for the English translation. Zozobra is the name of a marionette that is traditionally burned in effigy each year at the Fiestas de Santa Fe in New Mexico.

The band does have one album, Harmonic Tremors, released on Hydra Head Records. It isn't a huge straying from the post-metal tendencies of Old Man Gloom and Isis but does present a more focused straight-ahead approach, a welcome move considering that many of today's post-metallers are trying too hard to be cerebral in their songwriting and falling quite short.

The live set posted here comes from a stop at Bimbos in San Francisco while on the Isis/Jesu tour. The sound quality is great. I would even argue that they, somehow, had the best sound of the night. Adam McGrath (Clouds) played guitar on this tour, but I'm not sure who else rounded out the lineup. I'll work on finding that out. And like last week, I do not have the set list. I'm working on that too. At least I know the show is from April 6, 2007.

I'm busy with grad school. Cut me some slack.

Edit Alert!!! I was informed via the comments that Caleb has a new project called Heatseeker and an mp3 posted here. The song crushes. Aaron Harris from Isis plays drums and recorded the band's debut, due in July on Hydra Head. Thanks, Seth.

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seth said...

The Boston Phoenix posted an mp3 of Caleb's new band Heatseeker yesterday.

Aaron Harris on drums!!!!

mike said...

i'm heading to that download right now...thanks for the tip...