Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thank Goodness!

I'm sure most of you know already that At the Gates is doing a reunion tour this summer across the States. Considering that the band's greatest acclaim came about shortly after they broke up, I think this is a great idea, for it affords those who did not see them on their 1995 tour with Napalm Death the opportunity to experience the aural carnage, even if it will cost you upwards to thirty-seven dollars at venues like San Francisco's Fillmore.

As with any reunion of this sort comes the risk that a band will take the dreaded next step....the releasing of new music. Now, I haven't been losing sleep over the thought, but I have been worried that At the Gates may do something foolish. A recent interview with Pitchfork, however, put my worries at ease:

Pitchfork: I've read that At the Gates won't record any new music. Is that still the case?
Tomas Lindberg: No, there is not going to be a new album by At the Gates. There are two basic reasons for that: 1) We are all busy with our other projects-- the Haunted, Disfear, and 2) No matter how great that album would be, it would still be compared in the light of Slaughter of the Soul and the psychological history people have to that album.

That is the best metal news I have heard thus far in 2008. Why? Just go back and read Lindberg's response again. It's right there under reason #2. Slaughter of the Soul is untouchable. You can read more here in an interview with Tomas Lindberg's "other" band, Disfear.

Perhaps someone would like to start some commentary about whether or not the openers are appropriate? Are they good choices paying homage to the ground-breaking legends? Poor choices, as they are potentially only trend followers that do not allow the genre to grow and progress?

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