Monday, August 4, 2008

Back to the Redwoods...

Summer tours are treating the Arcata/Eureka area well as of late, with Annihilation Time, Sour Vein, Harvey Milk (w/Joe Preston), Buffalo Killers, and Velnias (impressive black metal from Chicago) all playing here within the last week. Turnout for each of the shows was very respectable and is hopefully a sign of good things to come. If we're not going to have good restaurants up here, we might as well see good music.

Prepare for the soap box....

I don't think that many people realize that most shows are funded by the independent promoters presenting the shows and not the venues themselves. This, of course, means that when the door does not make enough money to pay the bands, the local promoter has to pay bands out of his or her own pocket. I only mention this because I saw people haggling the $5 admission charge to Buffalo Killers at Big Pete's and worked the Alibi door for the Velnias show, dealing with people grumbling about the $4 cover. Quite disconcerting, especially considering that bands like Saviours, Titan, and Wolves in the Throne Room all have upcoming open dates between tour stops where they could easily play Humboldt. If people aren't going to pay modest door prices, why would/should local promoters take a chance on shows like that? Would you? Sure, times are tough. I got money to throw at the local music scene though. Ahhh. Digression.

Anyways, the Arcata house show circuit is bubbling. The Green House, Yellow House, Fire House, and Das Gast House all have expanding schedules, most of which can be found on a new DIY online calendar that someone set up. Very cool.

Have you heard about The Future is Unwritten fest happening here in September? You will soon. Check back for more info.

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Karol said...

You energy is daunting! I long to discover some new music. I will have to check out some of your suggestions.