Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Citay @ SXSW 2008 & Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound @ Roadburn 2008

I'm on a psych-rock roll, so let me take a moment to link up live sets from a couple of bands currently putting San Francisco on the map.

First up is a radio broadcast of Citay performing live at Spiro's in Austin, Texas as part of the annual SXSW music conference. The sound is a bit thin, but if you're a fan it shouldn't bother you too much. I believe it was a WFMU broadcast- March 14, 2008.

Next is an amazing Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound set recorded at Roadburn 2008. I'm not sure of all the song titles, so if you know or can figure them out, please share the info. Assemble Head themselves claim this to be the best show they ever played. Like most Roadburn recordings, this is top notch sound quality.

Citay- Click here!
Assemble Head- Click here!


Marcus said...

Thanks a lot for this, i have recently been right into these guys. Sound quality here is fantastic! I can name all the tracks except track 4, still trying to find out what it is though.

1. Mosquito Lantern
2. Ellen Koray
3. The Corner Zombies
4. Unknown
5. Ekranoplan
6. The Morning Maiden
7. D Brown
8. The Claw

Also if you are interested, i quickly whipped up a cover for it using the band picture you posted and the band name from Ekranoplan. It irritates me having blank album covers in itunes, pathetic eh?

Here it is anyway:

Nice blog here btw, you can find me at

Marcus / Sometime-World :]

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Ice Cream Man said...

link doesn't work for download for Citay. Can someone post? thanks Matt