Friday, September 26, 2008

Om @ ATP 2008

It certainly did not take long for Al Cisneros to pull things together with new skinman Emil Amos. In a matter of a few short months the two have managed to record a 7" for Sub Pop, prepare new material, and play a smattering of shows both at home and abroad. Amos, much to my relief and contrary to my initial skepticism, has filled Chris Hakius's shoes very well and has established himself as a legitimate addition and not a mere replacement. When I initially posted my thoughts about the departure of Hakius, I think I subconsciously wanted to be proven wrong. I'm glad I was.

This set is another WFMU broadcast from last weekend's All Tomorrow's Parties event in New York. The sound on this recording starts off a bit shaky but evens out within the first few minutes. It's certainly of better quality than the disappointing Live at Jerusalem LP Southern Lord offers up at 20 steep dollars (since when is 3100 copies on an indie label considered "limited" anyways?) and serves as a temporary fix as we await the duo's next non-exclusive (aka eBay only) release.

Yikes. Two zingers in one post. I think I need more sleep. Pun intended.

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