Monday, February 4, 2008

Om @ the Knitting Factory

I'm sure you didn't hear it here first. Here's the scoop from Pitchfork:

Bad news from the Om camp. The San Francisco drone group remains a duo, but bassist/vocalist Al Cisneros is now working with a replacement drummer for Chris Hakius, who has left the band. According to a message from Cisneros in a press release, "Om is continuing forward with a new drummer and working on a new recording... A live vinyl-only LP, Om: Live at Jerusalem, will be forthcoming. This is Chris Hakius' final release with the group."

I have to admit to not only being heartbroken over the split but a bit torn about the decision to forge on without Hakius. I am, however, glad that I took the time to drive down to San Francisco and Brookdale in January to see them.

I'm having trouble envisioning a new drummer bringing Hakius' passion and intensity to Om. One of the reasons that Om works so well as a bass/drum duo is a result of the several years Cisneros and Hakius spent together in Asbestos Death and Sleep. That's undeniable. How on earth will Cisneros be able to capture those same elements again?

I know. I should trust Al's decision to keep the project going. He will inevitably find a formidable replacement. But I can't help feeling that this may be a better time to move on and leave the legacy of Om as is. Don't get me wrong. I'll surely embrace Om's further efforts but right now I am a bit skeptical. What Om created seems too special to simply plug another body in behind the drum kit. Am I the only one feeling this way?

Nonetheless, here's Om live @ the Knitting Factory on March 19th, 2005. It's an older set consisting of "On the Mountain of Dawn," "Kapila's Theme," and "Flight of the Eagle."

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dj hot grits said...

yes, its a strange place between drummers, unsure of what the future holds. Whether or not it continues to be the same beast, I'm excited to see what Al brings to the table next. So there's good news in that he's going to continue making music. And good news that there's a live LP coming soon.