Monday, November 17, 2008

Outlaw Order @ New Orleans

It seems like just a matter of a few years since I was running around the streets of Northampton, Massachusetts sporting my Eyehategod shirt, receiving sneering looks of disapproval and sideways glances from people passing me by. And when I actually think back and count the years (fifteen, for those of you wondering), I start to feel really old. I do, however, take some solace in the fact that the guys from Eyehategod are still kicking around, despite the fact that drugs, prison, and natural disasters have tried to take them out commission.

Outlaw Order, which is pretty much 4/5 Eyehategod, is one of the newer bands to rise from the incestuous NOLA scene. They put out a 7" back in 2003 and have their Dragging Down the Order full length about to drop any minute on Season of Mist. Think Eyehategod reaching more for the cocaine instead of the usual heroin, and you'll have an accurate picture of what to expect. I wonder if Eyehategod is embroiled in legal wranglings with Century Media or something and are using the Outlaw Order name to get around the situation. It wouldn't shock me. Century Media has a reputation of being pretty shitty at times. I'm thinking about the mess they caused for Jonah Jenkins and Only Living Witness back in the 90s.

Anyways, today's post is a recording of an Outlaw Order show from November 1, 2008 at The Howlin' Wolf in New Orleans. It's a quality boot with some great onstage banter and rambling going on through the set, so the entertainment value alone makes this a great download. It's not quite Paul Bearer commentary, but you'll get a kick. I grabbed this from the sludge swamp , so kudos to them.

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denis. said...

"yeah, that's the guy from Philly that took us to get dope on 2nd & Diamond"...ha!