Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Asunder/Corrupted @ KFJC

Here it is, folks. Asunder and Corrupted together as one, recorded live in KFJC studios in Los Altos, California on November 6, 2008. Actually, by the time they played it was 2:30 in the morning, so I guess that would make it the seventh. I'm in the middle of reading a stack of research papers my students wrote, so I have not given this a full undivided listen. It doesn't matter though; nothing I could possibly say here is going to sway your decision to download or not download. You'll find out for yourself.

I should point out that the file is huge, as the set went on for about 100 minutes, and I am not editing it at this time. I did fiddle with my EQ a little in order to get more high-end in the mix. When the semester ends I will perhaps tweak the file a bit. If you have suggestions, let me know.

Edit 12/02/08: I recently learned that Asunder and Corrupted have plans to ultimately release a fully mixed version of the KFJC broadcast, one whose quality will be much superior to this low bit rate recording. Thus, I will not be doing any additional edits or "mastering", as I have no interests of interfering with the rights of Asunder or Corrupted. Enjoy what is posted as long as it remains up. Support the bands when it is eventually released.

I won't (and will never) ask you for money, but I will tell you that KFJC is in the middle of a fundraising drive right now. A couple of bucks to the station would be a wonderful gesture of appreciation for bringing us these two bands.

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