Saturday, November 1, 2008


Let me get this straight. Sleep is going to get back together for two shows across the pond and leave us hanging as they play for a bunch of fucking brit hipsters at next year's ATP fest?


Yup. Read it here.


Anonymous said...

hipsters are the rich white repubicans of the music world. fucking everything up.

Dave H-S said...

I see your point, but ATP (or at least its audience) has actually become a lot less self-conscious over the last couple of years. After the Mars Volta booked High On Fire the festival has been fair game for Metal bands, artsy and non-artsy alike. Now we have Melvins booking Mastodon and The Damned, most of the pretension is on its way out.

I won't be attending the May festival when Sleep are on, though. One great band does not a great festival make, plus it's expensive. Roadburn is the way forward I think.

Bob Heavens said...

It's the way it is. ATP is just glitz and glamor so why bother paying attention? the Belgian Waffles say, "S.Y.R.I.P.".