Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Isis @ Groningen

Unfortunately for me, I was immersed in a semester full of Russian writing theory when Isis performed in San Francisco on their 10 year anniversary tour. I've been lucky enough to see the band in a variety of venues, from a dormitory basement at Umass, Amherst to the MOCA in downtown Los Angeles to their opening spot for Tool at the Oakland Arena. And they have always been able to properly distribute their sound and energy in a way that is matched by few. Missing them play last November was quite a disappointment.

Anyways, I tracked down a 2004 (2005?) live set from Amsterdam and received gracious permission from Aaron Turner to post up a couple of songs from that evening's set. The sound is great, a soundboard recording no doubt. The tracks I selected are "Celestial (The Tower)" and "Divine Mother (The Tower Crumbles)"- These live performances being a bit different in pace and length than the studio versions make them well worth checking out.


seth said...

I think this is from 03/20/03.

Great site!

R_Fiasco said...

thanks man! stumbled upon your blog and will definitely check it out more often!

chnkltgy said...

Hey! I recorded this. It's not Amsterdam, it's Groningen at the Vera. It was with 27. Great show! Funny how the internet lets this stuff circulate!