Saturday, February 9, 2008


This Saturday, February 16th Nudity will be bringing their version of space rock madness to the Alibi in Arcata. The band is from Olympia, WA and features a couple members of Tight Bros From Way Back When and Growing. I put one of their songs in the radio player over on the side. It's a track called "The Nightfeeders (Concentrick Mix)." It was produced by Tim Green (producer of all things psychedelic lately) and clocks in at about twenty-one and a half minutes. Don't give up on the track. You really need to hear it the whole way through. The guitar solo freak-outs toward the end are well worth the wait, as well as the flute solo over the backlooped drums. If you're in the Bay, they will be playing the Hemlock on the 17th. I'll have a full review of their forthcoming 12" posted up later this week.

Also, I'm looking for a different blog music player. I'm not thrilled about MediaMaster. I want something more user friendly, maybe even something that automatically plays when the page is visited. If you have a suggestion, hit me up.

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