Sunday, February 24, 2008

Witchcraft @ Roadburn 2004

The first time I went to see Witchcraft they had to cancel because of visa problems that delayed their entry into the country. When they eventually rescheduled their California dates, I was back in New England for one of my whirlwind visits to family and friends. I wasn't there long enough to see the tour hit the East Coast, which only compounded my frustration.

I was very excited this past autumn, for Witchcraft had scheduled Arcata as one of their tour stops. I didn't have to figure out how to get my school work done and make my way down to the Bay Area to catch a show. I could simply take a ten minute walk down to the cozy confines of the Alibi and see them there. That is until they decided to cancel their Arcata date. From the best that I gathered, it was the result of some idiots down in Oakland that convinced the band that a stop in Humboldt was not worth their time or effort. By my count I have missed them five times. I am hoping destiny turns to my favor later this spring, as the band is rumored to be returning for another round of the states.

After endless hours of watching You Tube videos did not prove to be an effective panacea, I tracked down a couple of live audio sets to ease my emotional pain. Lucky for you, eh? For now I get to present to you Witchcraft live from the Roadburn Festival in June of 2004. It's a soundboard recording. Excellent quality. Enjoy.

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Please repost Witchcraft - Live Roadburn 2004.

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